52 in 52: Pueblo Viejo – Hillsborough, NC

July 27, 2012·

52 in 52 is a weekly series that I publish on Friday afternoons where the hubs and I visit / try out a new restaurant in the area that either one or, preferably, both of us have never been to. Then we review the restaurant! The goal: 52 different restaurants in 52 weeks of marriage. 🙂

Pueblo Viejo | Hillsborough, North Carolina | Facebook | Website

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This is Pueblo Viejo. Two years ago on July 15th, it was called Casa Ibarra. And it’s the place where John and I went on our first, real, non-Toby-Keith-concert date. I awkwardly asked him after work what he was doing that night and suggested we go eat Mexican food.

We ended up at Casa Ibarra.

Coincidentally, it is RIGHT NEXT to the place where we had our wedding reception. Who knew that two years ago whilst sitting at dinner at Casa Ibarra / Pueblo Viejo, we’d be married less than two years from that point RIGHT next door…?!

So, since we hadn’t been back to Casa Ibarra / Pueblo Viejo since that night, we decided to go on the two-year anniversary of that night and use the restaurant as a 52 in 52… you know cause it’s a new restaurant.

The food was the same. Delicious, traditional Mexican food. You can’t really go wrong. Is it the BEST Mexican food we’ve ever had? No. Not by any stretch of the imagination. But it is good. And nostalgic for us.

And to make matters more awesome? They just HAPPENED to sit us in the SAME EXACT BOOTH as the night we went there on our first date. We didn’t even ask them to… It was kind of awesome.

So, Casa Ibarra Pueblo Viejo wasn’t a let down. It was delicious, affordable, quick and easy… and honestly? That place kinda means a lot to us… even if it’s not the BEST ever. Although their Queso dip was pretty dang stellar.

Where should we go next? Have you tried any new places lately?

Overall Stillman Rating: 3 out of 5 Stillman Stars

Happy Friday! YAY OLYMPICS!! GO USA!

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