He Can Use You

July 29, 2012·

You guys, Happy Sunday!

It was a great service at church, a great meeting in preparation for Kenya, a great lunch with the team, and a great afternoon taking a nap of epic proportions.

But all day, this one particular quote from today’s sermon has stuck with me:

“God is not attracted to people’s abilities. And He is not distracted by people’s inabilities.”

                    -Scott Stevenson (our teaching pastor today)

The sermon today was on the story of Rahab, and the way that God was able to use Rahab, a prostitute, for good. It’s an amazing story of redemption. But most of all, Rahab’s story shows us that God can use ANYONE. He doesn’t look at our past, or the outside, or how much money we have, or the nice things we have, or what job we have… He looks at who we are now, without all the other stuff.

And He wants to use us for good. He wants to use us for love, and grace, and compassion.

And that’s an encouraging thought.