1. Loving the mint jeans. I am in love with the J. Crew bubble necklaces. I really want the turquoise one. I like to purchase from US sellers so I tend to stay away from ebay. I saw one listed on TopHatter for auction this Saturday. Wish me luck! http://tophatter.com/auctions/5565

    1. thank you so much, deirdre! i’m sorry you had trouble with ebay – there are some us sellers on there for sure! good luck and i hope you won it! let me know if you need help finding another one!

  2. LOVE the first outfit with the TOMS 🙂
    So cute! I always have a hard time putting together casual outfits that still make me feel put together…you definitely accomplished that! Get it girl!


  3. Love all the different ways you styled the mint jeans and necklace! I FINALLY purchased one of those necklaces off of ebay. I love it!!


  4. I stopped by to show you some love! You are so stinkin cute! I love the humor too! Makes my day!


  5. LOVE the mint jeans! You’re the second person I’ve seen in the last week wearing mint jeans & I’m seriously so sold on the idea now! I need a pair (can you believe I don’t own any colored denim at all? I’m so boring)! Of course, love the necklace, too {I feel like the only blogger who doesn’t own one}!

  6. Molly, you are seriously like my favorite person ever. I love the church outfit with the purple top and those FAB purple shoes!!! And that white with black polka dot top is also the bomb diggity with those jeans. I’m jealous of how good those look on you – I tried those same jeans on and my legs looked like too-tightly-packed sausages. But you? FABULOUS! As always. Love.

    1. hahah girl YOU are fabulous! i learned that i have to size up (a lot…) in target clothes. for example, i usually wear a size 10… sometimes a size 12… but these mint jeans from target? a size 15. GASP. i know. but once i started ignoring labels at target i started finding stuff that fit me well!

  7. Hey girl! Love all the outfits, especially those heels! Ordered myself a faux JCrew necklace as well, can’t wait for it to come in! Following you on instagram, follow back if you get the chance, JulesJ186 🙂 I’m in the Triangle too!

  8. Molly, all these looks are amazing!!! I think my absolute fave has to be the mint jeans with the polka dot top and bubble necklace – all my favorite trends wrapped into one! You look great!!!

  9. Omg, I just died watching your video!! Haha, I literally burst out laughing when your necklace broke (sorry about that by the way). Haha, way to make lemonade with lemons girl!

    LOVE all your looks with the necklace. Obviously, the one with the polka dot shirt is my favorite! 🙂

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  10. I love all the looks that it’s hard to pick a favorite! I need to get myself that necklace one of these days…I feel like I’m the only blogger that doesn’t have one yet, haha!

  11. Lol at the many trends in one post, especially awkward poses – it’s seriously hard to look natural while taking photos of yourself! I never knew that models had it so tough, haha 😉 I love all 3 (actually 4) of these looks too – you definitely showed how to work these trends without looking overstyled or trying too hard, and all of them are cute and comfy at the same time! 🙂

    1. awww thanks, abby!!!!! thank you so much 🙂 that’s the goal – hopefully i inspire someone! 🙂 BTW: LOOOOOOOOVE your film shoot today! g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s. i want her hair.

  12. Girl, that video is by far my favorite you’ve ever made! I loved every minute of it…so sorry the necklace broke though. Just yesterday, I wore a really long necklace as a bracelet and was like “Why don’t I do this more often?!” I love your last idea and will have to watch again to re-create it 😉

  13. Look at you styling and profilin’! You look so cool in all your mint! No pun intended. Get it? Cool.. mint??? Okay I will stop now 😉

  14. So I don’t own a pair of colored jeans OR a bubble necklace {what kind of a fashion blogger am I?!}, but I am finally wearing that chevron skirt today! And LOL at that screen shot…YouTube is awesome at picking our best look. 😉

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