Pattern Mixing: Stripes! Stripes!

August 1, 2012·

You guys can relax, I didn’t wake up blind this morning – I meant to dress like this. It’s trendy, y’all. In fact, SO trendy that it’s Marion’s TREND OF THE MONTH Challenge at Marionberry Style.

It’s funny because sometimes I feel like the “blogger” world and the “real world” are in two different fashion places at once.

For example, I feel like everyone and their second-cousin-once-removed has a bubble necklace and knows where to get a cheap version.

But then I realize that 90% of my friends and family that read my blog aren’t reading a ton of fashion and style blogs every day and are inundated with bubble necklaces.

Oh, and for my friends and family who read this blog and don’t know where to get a cheap bubble necklace, you can find them here: these are all $12 with free shipping.

But I digress.

Today’s Topic at Hand: PATTERN MIXING. Well, more specifically, stripe mixing.

I haven’t always been the biggest proponent of pattern mixing. I tried it once, and I liked it alright… but I haven’t done much of it since.

Well, I guess I’ve been more weary of it, but then I realized, #YOLO, and so, I tried mixing patterns today. Plus, I’m always up for a challenge.

Here’s what I’ve learned about pattern mixing:

1. Be confident. Above all, no matter WHAT you’re wearing or what patterns you’re mixing, be confident. Confidence will make ANYONE want to wear what you’re wearing… or at least will make anyone think what you’re wearing looks awesome.

(Remember this, Mean Girls fans?)
2. Stick to similar / like colors. Although I’m no expert at pattern mixing, I do know that like colors go well together. So, in my look, I paired the blue, white, and orange striped skirt with a blue and white striped blazer. Different stripes, yes. Similar colors, yes. Matchy matchy, no.

3. Include a complimentary “Confidence Piece”. Okay, this goes back to #1… but by wearing or including a complimentary confidence piece in the whole look, you’ll instantly feel better about mixing those patterns! What do I mean by complimentary confidence piece? I mean that necklace you LOVE or those shoes you ADORE – that COMPLIMENTS the outfit. We all have those pieces in our closet that make us feel awesome… so, pick one of those pieces that goes with the outfit. For example, my confidence piece(s) in this look are my wedges and my bubble necklace. I LOVE these wedges and I LOVE my bubble necklaces… so I instantly felt better rocking them.

4. Include a “take away” piece. So, pattern mixing might not be “all the rage” in your office. Or maybe you’re going to be in a big meeting or attending an event and “trends” aren’t the norm. WELL, including a take away piece can make the outfit more versatile. For me? My take away piece was my blazer. I can throw on the blazer when I’m out or feeling snazzy, but if I’m at work or in a meeting and I don’t want to be as daring, I can take the blazer off and I still have an appropriate outfit on underneath. Maybe your take away piece is a scarf, or a belt, or something like that. Or maybe it’s a “put on” piece.

SO, what do YOU think? Are you a fan of the pattern mixing? Have you tried it? What tips would YOU suggest to someone who’s new to pattern mixing?

Oh, and the BEST quote I’ve read this year:

“2012 is going to be the year of the fashion trends we all look back on 10 years from now and say, “WE WORE THAT?!”

Get the look, yo!

(can you tell I shop at Target a lot?)

Pattern Mixing: STRIPES
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