1. What an awesome post, very informative. I’m all about that skirt right now-it finally went on clearance so I grabbed it up. And of course the necklace is awesome-I have the yellow one and though it’s heavenly I find it a bit hard to style so I’m gonna purchase a more neutral one, like the teal one. Thanks for that link too, that’s a great price. One more thing, your tip about having a take away piece is the best-so very true on all levels!!



  2. I love this blazer! So cute! And I love that you mixed different stripes. You look adorable. 🙂

    -Mary @ stylethatmoves.blogspot.com

  3. LOVE it!! I bought that same blazer this summer – but it’s been too hot to wear it!! I need to try pattern mixing – you did great!! 🙂

  4. I audibly gasped when I saw this look! LOVE it that much!!! I’m super into pattern mixing right now and love that your first piece of advice is to be confident. I believe all outfits should start out that way. Thanks for posting, Molly! ~Sarah

  5. Mean Girls references AND bubble necklaces in our pattern mixing posts!? We are for sures long lost BFFs 🙂
    You look adorbs and I am so happy you have given pattern mixing another go!

  6. I was a bit weary of pattern mixing. I feel like those in the real world might think it’s weird. I did it though. You can also find cheap bubble necklaces from etsy sellers. I have a giveaway going on on my blog for one right now.

    1. yeah, i just wasn’t totally sold on it – i don’t know if i am sold on it all the way, but it sure is fun to switch things up. thanks for the tip on the necklaces, girl!

  7. A Gorgeous & bright outfit. Love the stripes on stripes. Awesome blazer & skirt. I am forever in love with those J.Crew Necklaces, also.

    I grabbed your button & added it to my page. I have read every single blog of yours (with the exception of the last two months) and I loved what I read. I especially enjoyed the earlier blogs where you wrote a lot about your life, comedy, your jobs, trip to Kenya, etc. etc. You had some awesome advise there and let me tell you girl YOUR MOM WOULD HAVE BEEN VERY PROUD of the Young Woman you have become!! I mean that with all my heart. You are a kind-hearted girl who loves life. I would really love for you to support me as I support you 100%, Molly. Thanks a lot.

    1. thank you SO MUCH, ada! and wow. thank you for the seriously sweet message – it really means a lot that you took the time to read through my blog like that. it’s definitely been a journey!

  8. The cut of your blazer is awesome! I’ve never put stripes and stripes together–come to think of it, when I do mix patterns, I don’t mix the same types of patterns. I might have to go for that next!

  9. Great job mixing patterns for this challenge! I love that you paired stripes with stripes in different colors but with a similar common denominator color – it keeps the whole thing grounded, and I totally agree that keeping a similar color scheme helps it from going overboard. I loved this challenge – I’m so enjoying seeing all the patterns everyone mixed! 🙂

    1. Oh I and I totally wanted to say (but forgot) that I’m with you on the bubble necklace thing – it’s SO common in blog world that it feels almost unspecial sometimes, but then you wear it IRL and realize that not every one is inundated (great description) with seeing it almost every day on fashion blogs ! Great observation!

  10. Love it, girl! You look amazing. I live in a teeny tiny town and I am pretty sure that if I showed up at McDonalds or Walmart in many of the things I love on style blogs I would get stared at, and not in a nice way (by people in uggs and pajamas, no less)! And I haven’t seen a single person in colored denim around here. Of course, that won’t keep me from rocking it when fall comes around! 😉

  11. I just saw your look on Marion’s blog and had to come over to comment! The tips are great! Oh, and I think you hit the nail on the head with the bubble necklace– I feel like everyone has one, but then I remember, oh yeah, bloggers don’t make up the entire world 🙂

  12. Molly – you just crack me up! Thanks so much for linking today…I LOVE your tips and stripes. And it’s so true…the blogging world and the “real” world are so far apart sometimes. I will throw something on and think it looks great but then get all kinds of weird looks from “real” world people. Haha!
    XO – Marion

  13. Girl, I love the bold mixing of stripes! You look SO cute! I really like to mix patterns although I don’t do it very often… I think if I get myself a few more striped pieces, I’ll be able to do a lot more of it!

  14. This is such a cute look. I love the stripe mixing!
    I also own the infamous bubble necklace…though, I paid the “original” price for it back when it only existed at J.Crew and it only came in black…and now that feels like ages ago! Now, I feel kind of lame that I spent so much! haha…


    P.S. LOVE Target, too!

  15. I Love the prints mixing and the color combination is fabulous on your hon!! I agree, no matter what you are wearing, when you’re confident, your outfit just looks better!

  16. i love it…i feel the same way, as if everyone in real life reads fashion blogs! i have that same blazer in black and white…i wish i had it in blue!

  17. funny everyone in the blogging world has a bubble necklace…me included. When I wear it in the real world – no one has ever heard of them.

  18. Girl, you look amazing as per usual! I agree with you, fashion blog style vs real world style can be quite different. It’s like the blogging world has it’s own little trends we pass around to each other 🙂 My family probably reads my posts scratching their heads saying “peplum? what’s that? what kind of word is that anyway???!!” Hahaha. Also, love your little tips for print mixing…it’s a good guide for inexperienced pattern mixers such as myself! The most daring I get it pairing a printed shoe with a printed top…I guess it’s a start? PS- that quote is probably gonna be super duper true.

  19. I think you look adorable! I would never think to pair two striped items together like that but it totally works. My office is super plain and boring {I work with Quakers!} so someone would probably burst a blood vessel if I walked in wearing that. Ha! {oh…and THANK you for the link to the bubble necklaces!}

  20. Okay this is awesome! First can we talk about how your skirt is from Target? What??? I thought it was from some kind of expensive boutique and therefore couldn’t get my hands on it! And then let’s talk about the wedges…I LOVE them. And stripes on stripes…ingenious. You totally rocked this look Molly. I love it! And you have such great advice for wearing a look like this!

  21. I am loving all the stripes and I’m a big fan of pattern mixing. I want your blazer. You are just looking super cute in all these bright, fun colors. Haha, and I love the Mean Girls shoutout… totally love that movie.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  22. I love love love the striped skirt! All the colors WITH black and white was a VERY good choice! and ugh, why did you introduce me to the $12 necklace?! ahh I want every color!!

  23. Oh. My. God. Molly! I must say you are just too hilarious and cool! You have seriously become one of my fave bloggers. I always feel good after reading your posts! LOL @ the blog world and real world. I am going to link up for the pattern mixing post today and tried on a bunch of crazy options last night and my hubs all but thought I was out of my mind. I opted for a slightly safer option today and still felt a lil odd leaving the house this morning. My mix includes polka dots and python print! I’ll post later today. Have an awesome day!!
    PS- thanks for the hook up on those necklaces. 😉
    XOXO Monica

  24. Such a great post!!! LOVE your write-up! You look fabulous in this print mix! I totally agree about the blogging world being different from the real world. I get sick of things before I even see people wearing them on the street because it’s everywhere on blogs, but hasn’t made it yet to the real world. Mixing prints is definitely one of those trends that I rarely see on others in real life. I also think I get the “that doesn’t match” look from people when I try to mix prints. 🙂

    xo Jenny

  25. Love you combo! I’ll admit I’ve been too timid to try the pattern mixing, but I should at least once. and I’ll def look back in 10 years and have the what the heck was I thinking moment? Your advice is helpful…love the removable piece!

  26. Love your pattern mixing!! And I agree, we’ll probably look back at our mixed prints and be like… what were we thinking? Though, right now, it’s pretty awesome. And I don’t own a bubble necklace either (or actually know anyone who does) but I feel like EVERYONE on the style-blogsphere does. Sometimes the style-blogsphere and real world are very different places..

  27. I hear ya on the bubble necklace thing. I live on a Mediterranean island where people are far more concerned about wearing as little clothing as possible this time of year than about accessorizing. Then I hit the blogosphere and it’s all bubbles all the time (: Really love the stripe combo and the fact that you’re bold enough to do it. I’m a solids kind of girl myself (:

  28. I loved everything about this post. I laughed out loud about the “I meant to get dressed like this” and it’s so true about the real world being different than the blogging world. I feel trends stick around much longer in the real world (which makes sense since we have to wear clothes all the time, and only blog part of the time).

  29. I love everything about this look (those royal blue wedges/yellow toe nails – yes please). The only thing I can think of to improved the look is an orange Birkin. Ha! Seriously some hardcore pattern mixing. I think my only guidelines are keep the colours simple and limit them, mix big/small patterns and add some elements in a solid. – Preaching to the choir here!

    Oh and I love that bit in Mean Girls

  30. Ooooh, and now you’ve inspired me to go and get my striped blaze out from the depths of the abyss..er…closet and try this! I really like the mix of the colorful stripes and the regular black/white stripes, it’s a little unexpected! (And I love your bubble necklace! I haven’t found any so far up here, so Im gonna have to go check that link out, because yours is awesome.)

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