Feeling Radiant, Bubbly, & Ziggy Zaggy

August 8, 2012·

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Outfit Deets:

You guys, this is what I wore to my sorority sister’s wedding last weekend. I’m going to be honest with you. The reasons for purchasing this dress were two-fold:

  1. I needed a new dress because the last time I bought a dress was like… I dunno… a long time ago.
  2. I AM OBSESSED WITH IT. I saw it on Fedora Boutique’s facebook page and couldn’t run to the store fast enough to try it on. And then I tried it on. And BOOM. I knew it needed to be mine. (But don’t fret, if you love it too, ModCloth has it!)

Because I like to keep it real, I thought I would also show you my “getting ready” process AND tell you about an amazing company in the process.

Nicole, the FABULOUS woman who runs Radiant Cosmetics, contacted me a little while back and asked about sponsoring the blog. When I told her that my sponsorships go to our Kenya mission trip, it turned out to be a GREAT fit! It turns out that she, too, loves the Lord and launched Radiant Cosmetics to help fight human trafficking – another issue that I happen to be really passionate about. 20% of Radiant’s profits go DIRECTLY to an organization located in Austin, Texas that is housing young girls who’ve been rescued out of the sex trafficking industry. Amazing.

Anyway, you’ll be hearing more about Radiant I’m sure, but she did send me a few products to try, and since I was getting ready for the wedding, I thought it would be a perfect time to give them a whirl.

Nicole sent me an eyeshadow “Alchemy”, a brown eyeliner in “Brownie”, and a lipgloss in “Blush.”

So yeah, please excuse the TOTALLY awkward up-close nature of this next set of photos:

I took the same photo before and after I put my makeup on. And I used ALL of Radiant’s products along with a couple of my own that I had previously.

Now, a note – I have CRAZY sensitive skin. Like, I am allergic to EVERYTHING. I don’t know what it is. I have the WORST luck with eye shadows making my eyelids all itchy and irritated and it’s embarrassing and lame. I’m also allergic to like a bajillion lipgloss / lipstick / chap stick brands. I have no idea why.

Radiant’s products didn’t make me itchy, irritated, or swollen all night. In fact, I couldn’t even tell I was wearing them. I was SO EXCITED.

Here’s the Alchemy Eyeshadow on my hand. Super pigmented and went on pretty smoothly.

This is the Brownie eyeliner. I LOVE IT. It went on so smooth and I didn’t feel like it was choppy looking at all. I am NOT great at putting eyeliner on and it was even easy for me. I also love the little smudgy thing on the other end of the eyeliner. I don’t know what the smudgy thing is called… but I like it.

Again, excuse the awkward up-close nature of this photo, but I wanted to show you what the eyeshadow and eyeliner looked like when I put them on. For my final look I did end up using a few other colors to give some definition around the eyes.

And about this lipgloss… other than it being the perfect shade of pink… it smells SO GOOD. Seriously. I kinda wanna eat it, but I don’t think that would be wise.

…ANNNNNND I forgot to take pictures of me doing my hair. But I did my hair the way I did it that one time I did a HAIR TUTORIAL. Oh man, remember that? So, if you wanna know how I did my hair, you can watch that incredibly embarrassing video.

But, this is me all finished!

Apparently I’m not good at taking pictures in hotel rooms with husband.

that’s better. me and the hubster.

me and my grandlittle claire. you might recognize her from amy’s shower last week. claire also happens to share my affinity for diet coke. i love her.

me and janeberry. jb was one of my bridesmaids, she was my roommate in college, and i love her. a lot.

I love Phi Mu weddings because you know that there’s always going to be hilarious photobombs and tons of dancing.

me and the beautiful bride, jessica. (i still swear she looks like sarah jessica parker) 🙂

Yeah, so photo overload in this post. But what can I say? I love photos and I love my friends and I love basically “scrapbooking” some of my life on this here blog.

Anyway. Happy Wednesday, y’all. All for now!

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