1. Great post Molly, I really enjoyed this and I’m SO glad you are going to start doing a weekly post (maybe 🙂 ) to talk about money and give financial advice! I would really really appreciate it!

    1. thank you so much, rachel!! i am hoping to do a few a month – they are tough to do every week, but i will definitely keep you posted. if you have ANY questions – let me know!

  2. So informative! I got my student loands consolidated through myfedloan.com because when I had a loan for every year of college (stafford loan). When I graduated they sold them off to multiple companies because of the economy so to make life easy I had them consolidated and the interest rate was 1 low number instead of 4 different varrying rates. It’s definitely the way to go!

  3. Great first post!!! I agree with you – I’ve heard horror stories about settlement. Hopefully that’s the biggest takeaway here!! 🙂

  4. I LOVE that you are doing this series. I think you should do one just on student loans. Those are such a different beast and so many kids our age are CRUSHED by them (I am one of them). I also live in a crazy expensive city, so it can get very discouraging at times hahaha

    1. thank you so much, clare!! i am hoping to interview someone who knows more about student loan debt than me… i’m no expert but i hope to help in some way!! i bet it is tough!! but if you have ANY questions – let me know!

  5. I just read the original post (sorry, I am SO behind!) and I am really inspired that you are now debt free! Thank you for being so completely honest with us. I think it’s a topic that a lot of people don’t talk about because it’s considered taboo, but meanwhile, debt affects so many people. I had ZERO debt before I got married and now I’ve racked some up. I’m a total saver, while my hubby is a spender and it’s been a hard adjustment for me financially.

    Looking forward to all your tips in the series!

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    1. no worries at all, sharon! you’re not behind 🙂 thank you so much for your encouragement! i bet it can be tough – i was a spender and husband is a saver so it’s tough to adjust, but i’m hoping to do some marriage finance posts soon, too! and if you have ANY questions – let me know!

  6. I agree with Ashleigh Reese about setting up a budget. My husband and I were advised by our pastor to do that during premarital counseling and it makes all the difference in the world. Great post! I’m still working on getting rid of student loan debt; almost done with my car and once that is paid off the payment will go toward the student loan so I can pay it off faster!

    I have friends that took out a loan to pay for their wedding, then another for their house, now they have a baby. Sometimes we just get sucked in.


    1. oh yeah, we’ve had a budget together since the day we got engaged. good to start early! we paid for our wedding on our own, too – and came into marriage debt free. it was awesome!

  7. Great post, girl!

    We use mint.com to help us manage our budget. Don’t know if you know that resource or not. It’s free, very secure, it helps you create budget categories and track what is going in and out of them.

    Great advice on debt consolidation companies and the difference between some of those shady companies and those that are legit. Paycheck advance companies also tend to be shady. They charge an exorbitant amount of interest!

    We use our credit cards a lot. There are those, like Dave Ramsey, who are anti-credit card. Which, for some people, I think is a valid position. However, to me, it depends on how you use your credit card. We don’t put any more on it every month than we know we can pay off. And we pay it off in full every month. Because, like you said, it’ll take forever to pay off at the minimum payment. That being said, there are emergencies that happen, but those will, God willing, be few and far between and hopefully, you’ll have an emergency fund started to help pull you through the crisis.

    I think that you’re providing a great service by sharing all the things you’ve learned. I’m excited to learn from you, too!!

    1. thank you so much, ashleigh! yeah i have used mint before – we use a pretty basic spreadsheet system, but we like it. we use our credit cards, too, but just for expenses and we pay it off every month. you know? thank you so much, girl!! you are so encouraging!

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