High Five for Casual Insta-Friday

August 10, 2012·

So yeah, have you entered my Cowboy Boot GIVEAWAY from Boot Barn? No? Yes? You should! 🙂

You guys, I’m going to be honest. I’ve been home from work most of this week with the world’s worst migraine. Like, an incapacitating migraine. So, needless to say, this week has been a bit blahzay. To say the least. (And I’m sorry if I’ve been a bad blogger and haven’t commented or replied to your comments as much… I really have not felt great…)

However, despite my headache from Hades and because I’m a never-ending optimist, I still choose to highlight the shining moments of the week. Cause why? Cause it’s Friday, that’s why.

Are you following me on Instagram? If so, you probably saw some of these, but oh well. I do what I want. 🙂

  1. The weekend in Charlottesville for my sorority sister’s wedding was by far the highlight. I love mini-reunions and I love weddings.
  2. You can’t leave Charlottesville without eating at Bodo’s Bagels. I mean, it’s like THE cardinal rule of visiting C-town.
  3. I’m so excited because Monday night was the first night of the new Life Group husband and I are leading! So excited to dive into the Word and grow with some amazing couples from our church.
  4. WE LAUNCHED TRIFABB! Oh man. I am SO excited about the response that TriFABB is getting and I’m even MORE excited about the LAUNCH PARTY next Thursday. Are you a blogger in the Raleigh / Durham / Hillsborough area? Let me know!
  5. I saw the Google Maps Street View car! It was so cool! I seriously have never seen it and I didn’t even realize that’s how they do it. There are a bajillion cameras on top of that thing. I tried to make faces at it and the driver of the car looked at me weird. Oh well, HE WAS SPEEDING. So, there.

What are y’all celebrating this week?

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