1. I don’t think we are necessarily supposed to have that “feeling” all the time. If we felt the warm and fuzzy feeling of being close to God all the time we wouldn’t really need faith. I think God wants to see that we can have faith in him even when we don’t feel like we are close to him.

    1. oh you’re totally right, jessica! i think it’s just remembering those “warm and fuzzy feelings” when we feel like God isn’t there and we’re searching for Him in the wrong places.

  2. I feel Gods presence most when I am praying, sometimes I have to admit when I am tired I just rush through the typical “Now I lay me down to sleep” but when I really take my time and talk/pray I feel his presence with me, usually give me goosebumps.

  3. I´m sure it sounds corny, but everytime Lucy-Baby does something new, something realy cute, something independent, something that shows to me, that this little person is going to be a wonderful adult some time – I feel God and his present. Everytime I´m sitting there thinking about what to do the next days or the next month, feeling a bit stressed about all the work that is coming …. I take my tea- lean back and just trust in God giving me the power to handle it – and skadoosh… all the fuss is gone! It is an awesome feeling of beeing protected and propped every single minute of my life!

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