Hungry for His presence

August 12, 2012·


You guys, happy Sunday!

I’m sitting right now in the lobby at church waiting for the rest of the team. We are loading the bus and heading to serve in a new prison today. I’ve talked about this some before, but I absolutely love serving in prison ministry. I love it.

And as I sat and thought about it today, thought about WHY I love serving in the prison so much, I thought about the fact that the feeling I get when I leave the prison is, on a smaller scale, the same feeling I had when I was in Kenya last year. And the reason I’m clamoring to go back in September.

And when I thought harder about WHY I’m clamoring to go back and WHAT exactly that “feeling” is, I realized that it’s that intense feeling and recognizing the presence of God.

This intense, undying feeling that God is with you every step of the way. That He’s right there. That He’s holding my hand. Going on the journey with me.

And of course, as usual He spoke to me today through the sermon, which coincidentally was on the Presence of God.

Yet another reminder that I need to figure out why I don’t have that feeling all the time.

Cause truth is, He’s always there. It’s whether or not I choose to recognize that he is ALWAYS there.

I guess that’s just another part of growing with Him.

Do you struggle with that too? Am I the only one? I can’t be. What makes you feel the presence of God?