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    Danielle @ Blissful and Domestic

  2. Hah, you know, I didn’t even notice the puddles on the ground until you said something and then I couldn’t stop laughing! ^_^
    I am crazy for this look, it’s perfect! Between the bright pink button up, those fantastic jeans and your beautiful handbag, this is such a lovely look!

  3. Love this! And your title. I’m giggling up a storm and my hubby is looking at me like I’ve lost my mind. He doesn’t get it! Fushia – Future. ‘What’s fushia?’ Ah, men. 😉
    Your hair is gorgeous. Why ‘should’ you cut it? If it makes you happy, don’t. Now, if it is driving you up the wall and you hate it, that is another thing entirely. 😉
    Congrats on your TriFABB thingy tomorrow, hope it is awesome. Can’t wait to see pics and hear how it went. 😉

  4. Don’t cut your hair! If it’s starting to bother you just get the ends trimmed up! I love long hair. If you feel the need for a change why not add some color?! 🙂

  5. I’m loving everything about this look! Looking for a blouse very similar to what you’re wearing. Love the color 🙂 P.S. I like your hair long, but that’s because I like long hair. I don’t know how often you cut your hair, but I cut mine once a year (maybe twice at max), and that is enough for me 😉

  6. Loving the pink and black together!!! I didn’t realize your hair was that long until you pointed it out. When I had long hair I was so afraid to cut it but I took the plunge and chopped it all off.


  7. Molly, this is one of the most fabulous outfits EVER! I love that color on you and everything looks so pulled together. I vote no on the haircut – I love your long hair! I also have PTSD from when my younger sister thought she could give me “layers” and instead gave me the worst mullet imaginable … so I have a little hair cutting phobia. 😉

  8. Haha, I swear I didn’t even notice the dark spots until you said something. And that happens to me all.the.time.

    Love this color on you, and that necklace is ahhhhmazing 🙂

  9. I love the look, maybe I’ll wear my fushia dress tomorrow, humm. I trim my own hair and use argan oil to keep the ends all smooth. That’s a style right??

    Hope you raise heaps of money for your charity today!

  10. You’ve done it again, Molly! So cute, as always. Loving the dark necklace against the amazing, vivid pink. Personally, I love your hair. Maybe layers or some manner of bangs would update it for you, but still keep the length. Do you guys have Gene Juarez salons on the East Coast? I know they do free consults with great stylists. Happy Wednesday!!! ~Sarah

  11. Hi Molly! Just started following your blog and this entry cracked me up! I didn’t even notice the dark spots on the ground until you mentioned them. And don’t get a haircut! If you love your hair long, you won’t love it any other way! 🙂


  12. I LOVE your long hair…so maybe some bangs since you have a cutting itch?! 🙂 You look adorable in your fuschia. Wish I could see you tomorrow night…next time!!

  13. 1) I KNEW you’d chose Team Yellow! That is just so “Molly!” xo
    2) Love this work look on you girl! It’s classic yet still fun! Nicely done…
    3) I never cut my hair either. In fact, my hair stylist always ends our session with, “So should I schedule you in for 6 months from now?” I need to be better about it (but it’s just such a hassle!)

    Hope you’re having a beautiful day friend!!
    XO – Marion

  14. Looking so pretty in pink, Molly! I think your hair looks gorgeous long! I haven’t gotten a haircut in about a year so I can relate. I’m too lazy to get to the salon and I never know what else to do with it 🙂

  15. No hair cutting, it looks so cute long! and can I pleaseeee steal that blouse? I’ve been on the hunt for a fuchsia blouse! I am checking out the similar one now, might just have to purchase. You look adorable!


  16. LOVE the color of your top! and your hair is beautiful!! but it is nice to change it up (which I normally am very bad at doing but have really enjoyed having different hair this time!)

  17. I love your blouse, that color looks fabulous on you! My hair is getting really long too and I’ve been too scared (lazy) to cut it. Let me know what you decide for yours, maybe I’ll do the same for mine, haha. 🙂

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  18. This is probably the cutest outfit ever! I need this shirt STAT! How do you take adorable outfit pictures? I look like a creeper in all of mine (hence why I don’t post them)

    1. you are so sweet, girl. haha the process for taking outfit pics is definitely weird and awkward and i am NOT perfect or great at it by any means. it’s taken practice but i use a camera and a tripod. you should try posting some!!!

    1. oh lindsay you are DEFINITELY going to love it. SO AMAZING. thank you so much!! can’t wait to meet you!! haha and with regards to my hair – the irony is i do have layers but my hair is so crazy long now that they just don’t really show.

  19. You are so funny! I love this pink blouse, one of my fave colors! 🙂 Also, I think your hair is beauty-full as it is, but if you do cut it and you cut a lot, you should definitely donate it. That’s my two pennies. 🙂
    – Heather

  20. I love your long hair! Mine is actually just a bit shorter and I know what you mean about not cutting it…ever! I’m thinking I’ll wait until next spring/summer to cut mine and then donate it for Locks of Love or something. That way it won’t be crazy short when it gets cut 😉
    Love your rolled jeans and pumps. I wish I was better at walking in heels…seriously, it’s a sad sight!

  21. OMG I love the title of this post. Seriously. Also I didn’t notice the *ahem* puddles until you pointed them out! What really caught my eye was the GORGEOUS color of your shirt!!! And I love the black necklace against it. So pretty!!!! The entire outfit is great – I’m pinning you today. W00t!!

  22. The title of this post has me giggling. Also, I hadn’t even noticed the water spots until you pointed ’em out, hehe. Finally, you look really great in that color.

  23. I absolutely love the hot pink color with your hair. I couldn’t pull off hot pink like that!

    As far as hairstyling goes, have you ever tried getting bangs?

    1. oh girl you totally could. pink is actually a really complimentary color. as far as hair – i haven’t thought about bangs before… that’s a good idea…. thank you for the suggestion!!

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