Today’s the Day!

August 16, 2012·

Outfit Deets:

You guys. TODAY IS THE DAY! TONIGHT. TONIGHT. TONIGHT! Tonight is the launch party for triFABB. Oh my goodness. I am so nervous and excited. Seriously. I’ve been losing sleep… you know, cause I’m so nervous.

I am so excited to meet so many amazing local bloggers, collect items for a cause that’s close to my heart, and kick-off what I hope grows to be an amazing organization that works to grow local bloggers, local businesses, and make a difference in our community. Big task? Yes. Can we do it? Totally.

I promise to recap the event for you guys and I promise to thank all the amazing people who have helped thus far. My brain is seriously running at like a bajillion miles a minute. Yes, literally a bajillion.

Okay, so I guess I should talk about my outfit. Y’all know how much I LURVE this skirt. LOVE IT. LOVE IT. LOVE IT. And I love figuring out different ways to style it.

Also, the skirt “Turnels” – which means I’m going to love it more.

Now, all of you are wondering, “Uhh, Molly, what does “Turnel” mean?” Well, TURNEL is a word I made up when I was three years old that I still use to this day. True story.

Turnel means the skirt turns, or is swirly, or is flowy. You know. When you spin around it stands… or whatever. I DON’T KNOW turnel is a word I made up.

I think I need to add it to the Urban Dictionary. No? Yes.

Happy Thursday, y’all! It’s triFABB THURSDAY!