Six, Shots from the Dressing Room, + Your Weekly Roundup

August 18, 2012·

Photo by Katelyn James of Katelyn James Photography

You guys, I’ve been married to that hunk for SIX MONTHS today. I won’t mush and gush too much, but let me just say that being married to your best friend is awesome. I highly recommend it. JS, I love you. Whole bunch. An astonishing amount.


Onto the dressing room. There are a ton of awesome boutiques in the area. Y’all know I’ve mentioned fab’rik and Fedora on here before, but what I didn’t share were my “shots from the dressing room” lately.

I’ve never shared any of these before, but I thought a casual Saturday was the perfect opportunity to just show some fun “trying stuff on” photos. No, I did not purchase all of these things. That would be ridiculous. I did purchase a few which you guys have seen.

note, i also know some of these look ridiculous, which is why i didn’t buy them.

Shopping at Fab’rik Chapel Hill:

1. I liked this dress, didn’t love it. Didn’t get it. It has a cool open back and pockets which were a plus.

2. Did not love this dress. It was also a little too sheer for my taste.

3. I saw this dress on the rack and thought I’d love it. Not so much. I felt like a character in Charlie Brown.

4. Liked this one shoulder top, couldn’t picture a scenario actually wearing it.

5. LOVED this top. Has a cool open back. Don’t know why I didn’t get it, but I didn’t… and now it’s gone.

6. The blue back button blouse! I did buy this. I wore it here. Remember? Got this one on sale for $10!

7. Loved this green top. SO much. I purchased it for $20. I wore it here. Remember?

8. This colorblock top with cutout sleeves was cool. Again, didn’t love it enough to actually buy it.

9. Loved this tank – it had a cool cross-body back… but I didn’t get it.

10. Actually LOVED this dress – and the fact that it was only $44 made me love it more. BUT I didn’t get it – I didn’t totally love the color and I couldn’t picture a ton of wearing scenarios.

11. I have actually been obsessed with this dress for months. I still have yet to buy it. There’s a part of me holding back and I won’t cave and buy something if all of me isn’t in it.

Now onto shopping at Fedora Boutique in Carrboro.

They don’t have mirrors in the dressing room so I had to walk out into the store to take mirror pics. Also, I know my cowboy boots don’t match 99% of these outfits, but those were the shoes I had on that day. It’s cool.

1. I loved this mint, polka dot, hi-low dress on the rack. H-A-T-E-D it on. I looked so frumpy. UGH.

2. Loved this fuchsia one-shoulder dress on the rack. Didn’t hate it on, but it was SO SHORT. Like, if I sneezed, the world would get a show. Not good. Did not buy.

3. LOVED THIS DRESS. FAVORITE. EVER. Couldn’t buy it fast enough. For real. LOVE. Wore it here. Remember?

4. Also REALLY loved this dress. Like, a lot. I didn’t buy it. Couldn’t justify the price. But I really wanted it. SOBAD.

5. Liked this dress in theory, didn’t love it on. The bottom is a fun accordion pleat, but I hated the top.

6. LOVED this shift dress by Everly. I seriously love everything they make. I didn’t get it, but I still want it. I might get it soon. Who knows? Do you like it? Should I get it??? They also have it in a ton of other colors.

7. Loved this Everly tulip blouse. Love the cutout back. Bought it. Such a great quality top and for only $34, I couldn’t not get it. I wore it here. Remember? Oh, but those shorts? HATE. HATE. DID NOT LOVE. NO. But, again, no mirrors in the dressing room so I had to wear them out to look at the shirt.

8. LOVED this blouse. Still not a fan of the scalloped shorts. Didn’t buy the blouse. Still want it.

Anyway, thanks for going dressing room shopping with me, y’all. What do you think? Anything that I didn’t get that I should? Favorite picks?

Now, onto your weekly roundup: