1. Haha that comment from your coworker made me laugh. I say be as bright and bubbly in your clothes as you are in personality! No shame in that!

  2. You know I was going to bet money you had your pink cowboy boots on but you surprised me with the Toms! Love this look it’s fun and looks like summertime! I also LOVE your lean 😉

  3. Love the brightness of this outfit Molly…don’t worry about your co-workers and rock what makes you happy! Keep checking Yuni Kelly’swebsite for the bracelet, she usually re-stocks them pretty quickly 🙂


  4. i love how you wore this dress as a skirt! i have the same one in pink and have been trying to find different ways to style it to wear to work! so cute!

  5. I love how you went for it with the crazy printed maxi and wore those awesome, sparkly pink, pink TOMS with it! (Seriously, those shoes are awesome. Not just because TOMS is an awesome brand that does great things, but also because those are so great with the sparklyness and pinkness!) It’s awesome and groovy. ^_^

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