1. Molly I just read this post and I have to share with you how inspiring I thought you were BEFORE I even knew this post existed. When I first found your blog I went to my husband and said ” look how beautiful and real this little girl is”…I said to myself “why can’t I be like that?”

    I’m 45 years old and have refrained from embracing fashion for myself because It never looked like the runway wisps, and then I see this beautiful, happy, well dressed, attractive girl who doesn’t seem to care one whit whether or not she looks like the whisps. Very inspiring.

    I tune in everyday now to see what you’re wearing, and how you’re putting it together. You’re the one I copy – not the magazine girls. I agree with you – good for Robyn – but I don’t think she’s the one that will change things. Indeed, I think it is bloggers, women, like you. Thanks luv 🙂

  2. I clicked over from two birds and I am so glad I did! I will be following you from now on. I think we are kindred spirits, and I’d love for you to check out my latest blog post at http://www.hemsforher.com. I write a lot about curves and confidence and loving yourself. And I know exactly how humbling and incredible it feels to receive emails like that! Amazing 🙂

  3. Great post Molly! I agree, the “plus size” fashion world is really out of touch with what’s really “plus size” or “normal size” in real life, but fashion is such a strange and exclusive world. I think blogs are a great way to inspire other people outside of that narrow experience! And I agree, while blogs like A-P, Kendi, and J are great, it’s so nice that there are tons of blogs showing other ranges of sizes and styles!

  4. Hi Molly,

    What a great article. I love what you wrote. I just started my blog recently in order to document our life and journey into debt freedom (we’ve talked about this in a post).

    And the reason I started to take photos of myself is that I never thought (still don’t) think of myself as being photogenic. But my 3 boys tell me everyday how beautiful I am..and if they see me that way, and God created me this way, then there has to be something beautiful about me. In order for me to accept myself and love myself, I try to document these images of myself. In hopes that the more and more I see myself, the more and more I begin to love myself.

    BTW, that model looks more like a size 14 than a size 10 if she’s 6’2″..LOL

  5. so awesome to see lovely bloggers posting awesome style pics and not be a size 2! i used to never post/take pics of myself until i did the 30 for 30 challenge. i had to suck it up and get over the fact that im not a certain size and i also had to get over the fact that some people would consider it vain to post pics of myself ever day. now, although still not overly confident by any means, i stand a little taller thinking this body i have aint half bad. i am pregnant with our first child, a boy. if i was being honest i was terrified of having a girl and showing her what having a good self image looks like because im still so far from it. and believe me, a body image is inherited, unfortunately! my sister and i both suffer and i know now, it comes directly from my mother and her own body image. not placing blame by any means. at this age, i am responsible for my own thoughts but i dont want to ever pass something like that on to my kids. all this to say “you go girl” keep posting your pics of size 10 or more clothes. show the world that size 2 is not the average and every size can be beautiful!

  6. This is such a great post Molly. I couldn’t agree more than Robyn is certainly not PLUS sized…really people? She is gorgeous and looks like a real woman should (ok, maybe she’s gorgeous but is the size of most women). I love that you put your heart out here on your blog. Body image and size has been something I have struggled with my entire life and am just now getting to a place where I am accepting of my body and happy with it for the most part. Do I wish I was a size 6 instead of a 18? Of course!
    Keep up your positive self image and hopefully between us we can make an impact in the next generation.


  7. Amen, Molly! This is so well-written and addresses the subject beautifully. Personally, I’m on the healing side of an eating disorder. Especially after having a precious baby, God has been teaching me to look at this body He gave me a little differently. As a temporary temple. One to take care of and treasure, but also to be reminded that it’s very temporary. Love others as we love ourselves? That’s a pretty hefty reminder. The goal of my blog (as posted here: http://sarahhulbertstyle.com/2012/07/01/why-i-blog-im-just-a-regular-girl/) is not to get famous, but rather to encourage and empower women. Thru blogging I have met so many incredible women, such as you, who are encouraging and empowering me! That, in my eyes, makes each one of us MODELS of Christ. ~Sarah

  8. I love that you wrote this post. I don’t think she’s plus size at all. She looks like an average size to me for sure. I think you’re right about bloggers being an inspiration and making a difference. We’re all different sizes and are able to show what works on our bodies and to show that you don’t have to be super thin to be fashionable. I have had a lot of issues with my self image and have gained some weight recently which hasn’t helped. No matter how hard I try I’ll never be a size 2 and I just have to accept that. I think it’s better to have some curves and not be so thin anyway 🙂


  9. Great post! Robyn is absolutely gorgeous, but I agree, she is not plus sized. I don’t understand the modeling industry at all.

    I love the power blogging gives to ordinary women. We all have a voice and through blogging we can use it to inspire others.

  10. Great post, Molly! One of my favorite parts of blogging has been seeing how different we all are and how amazingly beautiful each woman is. I am also 5′ 3″ ish (almost) and anywhere from a 6 to a 10 depending on the brand. And it is incredible to me to find so many others who are stylish and wearing great clothes who aren’t ‘model’ sized. And I’m sorry but that model is in no way ‘plus’ size. Geez, people, really!!?
    Although I am not currently doing so, I have spent the last decade working with youth, and I do wish they could discover the world of blogging. Seeing amazing women like yourself and so many others who are not only stylish and fun and modest, but who are also unashamedly Christ-followers would be an amazing thing. I currently live in a teeny tiny town where no one, not even the teens, has even heard of blogging. The styles and even lives around here are influenced by reality television more than anything else. Things like Real Housewives, Jersey Shore and Next Top Model influence our young people with attitudes that are appalling, and drive grown women to treat each other in ways that are so negative (speaking from experience here). I hope with all my heart that women like you can be a light to the next generation. You go girl!

  11. Love your post! I´m a 5’9″ and also a US size 10 / 12(sometimes) I realy hate how women be pushed to be thin and live in diet! I had a eating dissorder when I was 16 – 17 and again with 20 to 23. It is someting that will never leave me again. For the rest of my life there is a little guy telling me, that I´m to fat! Even after getting my Baby my only thought was how to loose the weight again! Just because of my wonderful husband I was able to leave that thoughts in the backround and just felt happy to have Little-Lucy! Now it´s her second birthday in September. And without thinking of it, or making a diet or exercise a lot (in fact one hour horse-riding per week) I lost 11,02 lb (5 kilogramms). Just by having fun with my family and stop eating Lucys leftovers. Now I feel feminine, comfortable, healthy and fit! It will be a fight every day not to do something extreme to loose more weight, but I´ll win this! So nobody should call a women PLUS Size just because of looking like a REAL WOMEN, not a coat-tree – you never know what could happen with her and her little fights 🙂

    So thank you for your post and your great view on life!

  12. Lovely post Molly, I have to say that I can’t believe that she is considered “plus size” much like you she just seems like a beautiful woman not what I would imagine “plus size” to me. I could go off on a tangent on body image and how it’s perpetuated in the media but that would take all night. Instead I will just say that this post is wonderful and that your size is perfect for you. God created us all in his image and I’m glad we’re all different. Being a size 2 isn’t better than being a 10. It’s fun to see how we all dress ourselves whatever size we wear!

  13. you are awesome! and are such a great example and encouragement to woman and how they should feel about themselves. and let me tell you – target sizes suck, as do any jr. size department!!

  14. Love this post! I have struggled with my weight forever and consider myself to be average. I am definitely not fat so I do not appreciate the media telling me that I am plus sized. I love blogs for fashion inspiration and especially those that do not feature perfect bodies, simply because I can relate and I can actually picture myself wearing the featured outfits. I love your blog! Thank you for sharing yourself with us. It helps a lot to see beautiful women of all sizes confidently rocking clothing.

    1. thank you so much, maria. it’s something ALL of us struggle with and it’s something that i think needs to change – so badly. thank you SO MUCH for your sweet message. seriously. your encouragement means so much.

  15. yes, us shorties have to represent.
    and it’s true, it’s kind of ridiculous that she is considered a size 10. CRAZY!!
    xo TJ

  16. Molly this is an incredible post! I seriously cannot believe what a thoughtful and wonderful lady you are and thank you for writing! I too am not in the single digits of clothing and I haven’t been for a few years now. I struggle with my weight but at the end of the day, I do STILL feel beautiful all the time. I feel self conscious about posting self portraits or style photos of myself on my blog though because I’m not a skinny girl but your blog post has really made me think twice!

  17. PREACH! As someone who works with models often, I find it ironic that we are bombarded by models every day and the industry is so blind to the normal female body.But at the end of the day women should look at models like the beauty/fashion industry does — people who can fit into sample sizez. Let’s stop thinking models define the beauty ideal. I see more beautiful bloggers than I do models every day!

  18. Molly! This gave me the chills! I love you more today than yesterday! You are truly one of the MOST inspiring bloggers I have found and you do have a purpose…and you are changing lives. It’s crazy to think what blog can do and whom it can reach! Keep doing what you are doing! You are beautiful on the inside and out!!! I love you!!

  19. fantastic post molly! I think our label of “plus size” is just rediculous. How about a section called “normal.” You’re gorgeous, I love your style, and I love that you have the confidence to show it. You DO inspire!

  20. GREAT POST!!! The fashion industry is a bit extreme with the images of extremely skinny models and leave many of the average women in the world struggling with image issues or even worse eating disorders. I think NORMAL size models are key AND bloggers even more so because we as bloggers are the everyday woman!


  21. SHES PLUS SIZE?!?!!?!!?!? Our culture is so ridiculous. I love this post Molly!! It’s so encouraging and inspiring to know that we can make a difference in the lives of people of future generations. I admire you so much and love how you know who you are in Christ…finding an identity can be such a struggle sometimes, and it’s so cool that your confidence in yourself and who He made you to be with your awesome fashion sense, can help change lives for Him. I’m in love with your blog:).

  22. Great post Molly! I too sometimes look at other blogs and wonder WHY THE HECK AM I DOING? I consider myself a “mom-el”! And that was the whole reason I started my blog…to inspire mom’s to find their own style and not be pigeon holed into what the media thinks is beautiful and stylish!
    Keep it up lady!

  23. Oh Molly, you have done it again 🙂 this is such a universal issue for girls no matter what size they are……the fashion industry has blinders on when it comes to size, but I think you are beautiful and I wish all of your readers could spend just 5 minutes with you in person…because they would see how amazing you really are!!!!
    Brooke @ what2wear

  24. what an amazing post. i think we can make a difference, even if it’s just one person…that’s a difference, right? i love reading blogs to see real people and hear real stories (yours being one of them). as for her being a plus-size model…no way. i often think like you…i feel pretty great about myself most days. i know i’m not perfect, but i am happy, i have a good life, etc. i also know that if i were to ever try to be an actress/model, i would be laughed out the door. it’s too bad, really, when she is plus-sized, j-lo is “too curvy” and jennifer aniston is considered super healthy (body wise)…way to go you…keep making a difference!

  25. this is such a wonderful post. I just wrote a long answer but it got deleted! 🙁 I can’t remember it all, btu i think its important to remember we are all different shapes of beauty and size and Im glad you took today to remind us of all it!

  26. Love this post. I so often need to be reminded of these things. I have girlfriends who are all size 0-2 and I am a 4-6 and always feel HUGE compared to them. But then I see a beautiful model like her and I am reminded that she is gorgeous and I am smaller than her, so how can I be huge? I think its hard to remember in today’s society where being a rail is glamorized. I think you look great and I think as long as women dress appropriately for their size, that everyone looks great. I loved reading this post, thank you for reminding me to embrace what I am, how Im built and remember that all bodies are different!

  27. Molly, I love you, you are so amazing! I’m a petite girl and I’m completely aware of that, but I LOVE seeing my blogger friends of all sizes shine. Self confidence to hard to come by in today’s society, and I’m so happy to see people like you making a difference. And no, I don’t think models should have all these ‘categories’… a beautiful woman is a beautiful woman, who cares what size she is.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  28. Wow, there is just so much to comment one, but I’ll try to keep it simple. I LOVE your post, and you are totally bang on with everything you wrote. This is too funny because just last night I was laying in bed thinking about how I have so many fashion magazine subscriptions but I rarely even flip through them any more. I was wondering why, and realized it’s because I don’t want to see clothing (that I can’t afford) on beautiful models that are 6′ tall and a size 0 (a body type I will never have). I much rather look at fashion blogs with regular girls (just like me), with regular bodies (just like mine) in clothing that I might actually buy. I also decided not to renew my magazine subscriptions to magazines that don’t reflect my reality (Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar). I think there will always be people out there that have a traditional view on fashion and beauty, but I think there is another huge market out there that is ready for what we (as regular girls) have to offer!

    xo Jenny

  29. Oh Molly, you are so smart and so straightforward, something I really love about your blog. I completely agree with you – we don’t need plus size models to provoke change, we can all do that ourselves each and everyday. I can only hope to inspire a few people who come across my blog but any change is good change! Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts here, once again I am so thankful to have found your blog…you’re such an inspiration girl! That leads me to my next thing which is that I’m happy to have nominated you for a blog award today so feel free to stop by and check it out. 🙂 Keep up the amazing blogging and self confidence, you own each and every look!


  30. Girl, you are so inspirational and there is no doubt God is using for His glory! I love to read your blog and agree with the reader who emailed you about your confidence and self-love. It is inspiring and you’re so right about setting an example for the next generation. I struggle with feeling vain when I post photos, but also want to share my style/outfits to show I’m not about shopping all the time or name brands and encourage people to buy thrifted items, etc.
    Rock on, Molly!

  31. Molly, this is an issue that definately needs to be addressed! With the constant media pointing towards stick thin models and labeling women who are healthy and happy, “plus size” is just ridiculous to me. I posted something similar,after reading a hateful website that called super model Kate Upton fat and obese. It’s just horrifiying that we put these un-realistic expectations on us and future generations of girls. Keep spreading the word and keep the faith. XOXO

  32. I don’t believe that there should even be “plus-size”
    Modeling is about beauty wither it be inner, outer, etc. I just feel like the world puts so much stress on women today, on who they should HAVE to be, I believe the most beautiful you can be is just being who you are. I completely agree when you say that we can make a change.

    Way to make a stand:):)

  33. Ok, so first off, thanks for sharing. I think it is important that we are all honest with each other about these key issues in the fashion industry. Second, body image has been a HUGE topic of discussion of late, and it makes me sad that it is even an issue. There are so many beautiful women of all shapes, sizes, and colors. And not just beautiful, healthy. Confident. The world needs to see that in all of us, no matter our body type. I think this is a key role that blogging is having and will have on our society.
    – Heather

  34. I’m with you, gurl! In stature and size, haha!!

    No, but really… I feel the same way you do! I want to inspire girls and women to be healthy and comfortable with their bodies. I love that Robyn Lawley is out there doing her thang. It’s so refreshing to see someone with meat on their bones!

    I used to be a size 2/4! And, to be completely honest, I’ve never felt as comfortable in my own skin as I am now, at a size 10-ish. In fact, I don’t really know what size I am. I thrift. Sizes are all over the place! hehe…

  35. I have always HATED the “plus-size” label – it’s complete bs and has absolutely nothing to do with real women or the real world at all! Honestly labels like that just exist to make women feel badly about themselves, and as you say, we should be inspiring one another! That is one of the things I love about blogs – they are, in fact, reflections of real people, and can be inspiring, as you say.

    Once again, you nail it 🙂

  36. I agree with your post, Molly! Why can’t sizes just be sizes? Why does something over the size of 10 have to be considered “plus size”? For that matter, is something under size 4 considered “under size”? 😉

    I love following the blogs of “real women” and enjoy when readers tell me that they like seeing how fashion looks on me (on my blog) because it is a good indicator of what things might look like on them.

    Your blog is awesome! Keep it up!

  37. I think Robyn is gorgeous! And you are, too! Also, my mother in-law and I were just talking last night (crazy I know) about how women with no curves and stick thin shapes are much less attractive than a woman with curves. I, too, think bloggers are the real inspiration – we are real! We are not edited (at least not professionally) and we are not living on rabbit food. Anyway, I won’t even approach that soapbox.

    Needed to ask – where did you order your necklaces from and what all colors do you have? I JUST received my 2 (that I ordered a month ago from Ebay) and can’t wait to wear them!!! *excited fingers*


  38. You know, what constitutes a “plus size” model has bothered me quite a bit, especially when they began to feature plus size models on America’s Next Top Model. These gorgeous women probably weighed twenty pounds more than I do, and they’re PLUS size?? It’s absurd. I absolutely think you can make a difference- reading your entries has actually made me feel more comfortable in trying new looks, experimenting with pieces I’ve formerly shuddered at. Like last week? I bought a pair of SKINNY JEANS! At Target! Where the sizing is definitely crazy. I bought a pair of 11’s, in case that makes you feel any better :).

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