Robyn Lawley & Why I Do This [Part Deux]

August 21, 2012·

You guys, this is Me. I am not a professional model.

And this, is Robyn Lawley. She is a professional model.


As I stated above, I am not a professional model. Not even close. Nor do I try to be. Robyn, however, IS a professional model. And a gorgeous one at that.

She also happens to be a “PLUS SIZE” model. She’s 6’2″ and a US size 10.

I am 5’3″ on a good day and a size 12. Sometimes a size 10. On a good day.

And in jeans or shorts from Target, I’m like a 15. What’s up with that, Target? They have cray cray sizing. But that’s another story.

And I have been those sizes ever since I can remember. I eat healthy (most of the time), I exercise (most of the time), and I do everything in moderation. I’ve tried every diet, exercise, and trick plan on the block. Fact is: I ain’t never going to be a size 2. Not going to happen.

Well, for some reason, recently, there’s been a lot of talk about Robyn in the fashion and modeling world… and how she’s inspiring the next generation.

I think Robyn is beautiful and what many women can relate to, however, I have to, in some ways, disagree.

I don’t think a beautiful, size 10, 6’2″, Robyn Lawley, who is considered “PLUS SIZE” is going to inspire the next generation. I think bloggers like you and me can… and should.

That’s a heavy statement I just made. Let me explain.

When people see pictures of Robyn and hear she is considered PLUS SIZE, it makes most of us women cringe a bit. Seriously? She’s plus size? Well, in the modeling world, yes. Yes, she is.

In real world? No. She is not. She’s a normal, healthy, and beautiful woman.

I am the same size (if not a little larger – in width… not height) than Robyn. Also, I’m no model, and I don’t necessarily think I’m the most attractive dame on the block, but there are days when sometimes I say, “hrm, I don’t look half bad today.”

BUT, if I were to walk into a modeling agency, the agents would probably spit out their quinoa burgers and seaweed shakes in a fit of laughter.

I’m no model. Never have been. Never will be. And I am TOTALLY okay with that.

You know, a few months ago I wrote on this little blog about ‘Why I Do This’ – and I talked a little bit about my body image issues and things I’ve struggled with in the past. (Which, truthfully, I still struggle with. Daily.) In addition to why, many of those things, make me the most unlikely candidate to blog pictures of what I wore.

But the more and more I do this, the more and more I realize that the tool I have in front of me, if used correctly, is a powerful tool to reach and inspire the next generation.

Sure, that’s an exaggeration to an extent. No, I’m not going to reach an ENTIRE generation. But, if I can show one, two, or seven girls that, contrary to popular belief, you can be a size 12 and wear JORTS, when sized correctly, then yes, change can happen.

Sure, there have been days when I wished I looked like Blair, or Kendi, or J. And those women are absolutely gorgeous, can wear anything, and make any piece of clothing look amazing – but I am not them. And that’s okay. I can’t wear any style, and that’s okay. My “Buckley Buns” just aren’t going to rock some trends.

And honestly, if every blogger out there looked the same, the fashion blog world would be rather boring.

But we don’t. There are beautiful women sharing their fashion wins and losses all over the internet – and they are ALL shapes and sizes. Big and small. And they’re ALL different personalities, backgrounds, cultures, languages, ages. And I think that real women, like Blair, Kendi, J, and other bloggers like you and me, can, and SHOULD, inspire the next generation. Not the plus size modeling world.

My thought is that perpetuating what constitutes PLUS SIZE in the fashion and modeling world, isn’t going to help young girls today. I know I feel a little crappy and go into a burrito-eating fit*, when I’m reminded my size is considered plus size.


So, I got this e-mail from a reader the other day, and I (obviously) won’t share her name or anything, but her e-mail made a huge impact on me, that has only encouraged me more to continue trying to figure all this out:

“I just started reading your blog a couple of months ago and have completely fallen in love with your style but most importantly, I have fallen in love with your sense of self love.  I constantly am in awe at how happy and confident you are. […] I have struggled with self image problems in the past, a debilitating eating disorder and it wasn’t until I found the love of God that I really started seeing my life turn around.  I strive to one day be half the women of God that you are.”

That, ladies and gentlemen, right there, is why I do what I do.

What do you think? Do you think we can make a difference? Do you think Robyn Lawley should be marketed as “plus size”?