A Gift

August 23, 2012·

Kiria, Kenya - Molly StillmanYou guys, we leave for Kenya in less than a month. Oh. My. Goodness. I can’t wait to go back. A piece of my heart has been in that village ever since I left last year and have been itching to go back. And I can’t wait to lead the mission team with my husband this time. What an honor.

If you’re new to the blog, you can read about my whole experience through all the posts I’ve written here.

Thank you SO MUCH to all of you who have supported our mission trip. You’ve supported us through your words of encouragement, prayers, and donations. You have NO IDEA how much it means to us.

Well, I’m going to try and get through all of this as quickly as I can. And I promise to be back to your regularly scheduled bits, outfits, and awkwardness tomorrow.

Uhhh, so, well, how do I say this? Today happens to be my birthday.

I’m not really a birthday person anymore. It’s a boring age. But whatever.

Of course there’s stuff I want and stuff I’d love to get, but it’s all just stuff. No STUFF can  compare to what really means the most to me right now – going back to serve the people of Kiria, Kenya. To be honest, fundraising for two people (me and the husband) has been really challenging. And truth is, we’re short. We still need to raise the money to get there.

So, I am humbly and prayerfully asking for a birthday present:

Would you support our trip?

And, because I can’t do anything normal, you certainly don’t have to just make a straight donation.

You can support us by:

  • Sponsor my blog! 100% of my sponsorships go to our mission trip.
  • Buy some clothes from my closet! 100% of the proceeds from my closet go to our mission trip. (more on that below)
  • Make a donation. Email me for more information about donating.
  • And, of course, prayer. Pray for our team. Pray for humility. Pray that we’re able to serve the people of Kenya and shine God’s glory in the process. Pray for our health. Oh, and pray for me and the squatty pottys. I hate those things.

Okay now, so you wanna buy something from my closet? Well, there are some pieces up in my shop, but of course I thought it would be fun to go through old photos and show you pictures of me wearing some of the pieces I’m selling.

SO, here are some old photos for you to laugh at (I really have a serious issue with taking a serious photo) and the link to the item in my store:

1. Purple fancy special occasion dress – $50 (I’m 2nd from the left)

2. JCrew Sophia Bridesmaid dress (size 10) – $50 – I am singing in a wedding in this photo. I really don’t look attractive when I sing. It was also REALLY cold. Freezing. So I look awkward and cold. Sad times.

3. Madras American Eagle Dress – $17 – this is literally the only picture I could find of me in this dress. I am holding a stray cat. Sue me. Cardigan not included.

4. JCrew White Cotton Halter Dress – $17 – I have ABSOLUTELY no idea why I am standing so awkwardly. And shockingly, this was like two days before my husband and I started dating. My husband is in this picture. At the time he was my coworker.

5. Strapless Lace White House / Black Market Dress – $50 – I’m pictured 2nd from the right. This was at a Christmas party. So fancy now.

6. Argyle Short-Sleeved Sweater – $3 – this photo was taken in Las Vegas circa 2009 – it is old and I can’t find a better photo of the sweater. Forgive me.

7. JCrew Halter Cotton Dress – $35 – I was at an art museum and took a photo of myself. Why? I have no idea.

8. LOFT Floral Dress – $14 – This, too, is the only photo I can find of me in the dress. It was at my sister’s rehearsal dinner. I am SO TAN because we got spray tanned that day. Oh man.

9. Tailor New York White Halter Top – $10 – This picture was taken my senior year of college. That was like… A LONG TIME AGO. But yeah, that’s the top. Look how crazy young (and small) I look. GAH.

10. Purple Express Shirt – $6.50 – That’s a photo of me wearing the shirt while doing an improv show. Yes. I do / did comedy. Shocked? Me neither.11. Lilly Pulitzer Halter Dress – $65 – I’m on the left. Just saying. So #frattastic.

12. Milly Dress – $150 – I’m on the left. This picture was also taken in college. SUPER long time ago. This is easily the nicest piece of clothing I have ever owned. But I can’t wear it anymore. It makes me SO SAD. I wore it MAYBE twice. It’s SO PRETTY. Blergh.

So there you have it. Some awkward photos from my past (please do not judge me) and some last minute ways to support our mission to Kenya.

Thank you all… SO MUCH… in advance for ALL of your support, prayers, encouragement, and whatnots. We couldn’t bless and serve the people of Kiria, Kenya without you, and in turn, we are so blessed.

Questions? Let me know. I’m an open book.