High-five for Insta-Friday!

August 24, 2012·

You guys! Happy Friday! I just want to say a quick THANK YOU to all of you for the birthday wishes yesterday, in addition to all of your prayers and support.

I also have to give a HUGE thank you to Beth, Lindsay, Jamie, Bonnie, and Nicole for supporting me by sponsoring our mission trip. You ladies are amazing. THANK you.

Now, onto high-five for insta-friday. I’m linking up with Lauren and Jeannett today!

1. Apparently I have a penchant for finding money on the ground in Hillsborough. One time I found $10. Last weekend I found $4. WIN.

2. I know you guys are probably tired of me sharing pictures of my dogs. I, however, am not. I can’t handle these two. Seriously. Look at the way they snuggle. Priceless.

3. YES! Husband got me the Phi Mu Lilly Pulitzer makeup bag for my birthday. He knows me too well. <3 (Look at all the pink and quats!) YES!

4. So, I don’t drink coffee, but I DO drink Diet Coke. And there’s a freaking awesome convenience store across from where I work that I go to every single day once in a while. I mean, their Diet Coke is a PERFECT mixture AND they have crushed ice. Best. Ever. Well, the staff knew it was my birthday and gave me a free one! YES. I mean, they’re only $0.79 cents to begin with, but whatever.

5. At the last minute, we decided to do a low-key birthday dinner and instead of going anywhere fancy, hubs and I just went to Bandido’s. And you know what? Chips + salsa + burrito + husband = pretty awesome birthday dinner.

Anyway, I am feeling very much full of love and blessings today. Happy Friday, y’all.