1. lol sabbath technically is the first day of the week (Sunday) – i think it may be Saturday in the Jewish traditions. but, nevertheless, it’s really meant to just serve as one day a week where we just rest. you know? just rest! we are go go go all the time and it’s so important to take time to recharge!

  1. That is rule number one for my Sundays. It is all about staying in touch and spending time with HIM, family and my fiance. I spend way too much time during the week on work and too much time online that Sunday really needs to be spent on more important people. =) I hope you had a lovely Sunday.

  2. Such a hard thing to do sometimes…just rest. “Resting” nowadays still means you are plugged into something…computer, cell phone, tv. Definitely need to spend more time resting in His presence!

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