1. Happy belated Birthday, Molly! I hope you had a great time! Awww… I never thought about using social media this way, but I think you’re totally right and this was a very fun idea! It was a great choice and I would have picked that one too! You can’t never go wrong with a one shoulder bright pink top for your birthday celebration! And you looked really lovely with the whole outfit! Thanks again for hosting Yolo Monday!


  2. So, I didn’t see your PicFrame to vote on it, but if I had, I’d have voted for the one you ended up wearing! So hawt, GURL!!! So glad you had a rockin’ birthday. Hope you felt loved and blessed!!! ~Sarah

  3. Rats!! Why didn’t I see this Friday??? Oh well, I would have chosen #3 too! You looked adorbs! Gotta love social media. It’s the grandest! Hope you guys a fun on the bday date night! 😉

    1. thank you so much, elisabeth! that is awesome about your triangle blogger group!! i actually just started a group, too, with a couple other local triangle bloggers! http://www.trifabb.com – check it out! we are hoping to have meetups once a month – we just had our kickoff a couple weeks ago! 🙂 so nice to meet you, girl!!!

      1. Love it! There are so many great bloggers in this area – I’ll pass it along to my group as well. It could be fun to collaborate. Adding my blog to TriFABB now 🙂

        We have a wine & chocolate tasting event coming up in downtown Raleigh next week – I can send over the invite if you’d like.

        So great to meet you too! 🙂

  4. What a cute outfit! It’s helpful to have other opinions when getting dressed :). I’m a new follower from the YOLO blog hop, just wanted to say hi!

  5. Ha ha, too cute!! I wish I saw it because I definitely would have voted, and my choice would have been #3 as well!! You look so gorgeous, and absolutely perfect for your birthday!!! I love social media as well, but just don’t seem to have enough time to use it properly. I’m working on it though!

    xo Jenny

    1. yes! so glad you would have picked #3, too! 🙂 and no worries on using or not using social media – it’s kind of a to each her own thing you know? i just have so much fun with it!

  6. Hey Molly I just linked up and I am very excited for my post. I see you already entered the giveaway! Good luck! I love that color pink on you, it looks awesome. That sherbet also looks YUMMY!

  7. I lurve that you call them social media roommates… totes cute! And I agree with the majority – I’m telling ya, one shouldered tops/dresses were made for you! Looks like an adorable date night! I’m coming back later to link up for YOLO 🙂

  8. I hope your birthday was fabulous!!!! Outfit #3 is my favorite (although you look great in all of them!) – I love that top! I’ve never thought to ask social media “roomates” questions like this, but I think it’s so fun and such a good idea!

  9. I hope you had an awesome birthday! I love being able to turn to social media roomies for opinions on clothes. It’s always fun to see how varied the opinions are! I’ve never used PicFrame though. Maybe I should give it a try. Happy Monday! #YOLO
    – Heather

  10. oooh, i definitely would have voted for that one too! but that pink lace shirt…GAH! so lovely. you and your adorable clothes….

    hope you had a fun b-day date. where did you go?

  11. Hah, I am awful at social media, I don’t facebook or twitter or anything! (In fact, its amazing I even blog!) My little sister just left for boarding school this week and I’m just now realizing how fun texting can be. since its the only easy way to talk to her now. 🙂

    I think outfit number three was the way to go, I love the shoulder detail on the blouse and there’s just something about wearing jeans and a cute top out on a date night. ^_^

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