August 28, 2012·

Outfit Deets:

You guys, I’ve never purchased anything from Madewell before. Frankly, I LOVE everything they make, but it’s all so expensive. It’s just not in my price range. BUT, when I saw this pink lace tee I squealed a bit. AND I saw it was on sale. With free shipping. So I bought it.

I mean, a pink lace tee is essentially a MOLLY tee. I mean, for real. I bought it for branding purposes. Maybe I can call it a tax deduction. A business expense. Or something. Anything to justify, right?

I still am trying to come up with some different ways to style it. I wanna find a loose pink tank to wear under it. Or maybe with a skirt. Or over a dress? The possibilities are endless.

But for now, I wear it with my favorite jeans and a pair of comfy flats.

Keepin’ it casual, yo.

Happy Tuesday!