1. I love this look!! I completely understand your love of school supplies! I guess I’m a lucky girl because I work on my alma mater’s campus in the library. Oh and btw I LOVE your blog!

  2. LOVE your back to school look! That cardi is my fave! Now I’ll have to hunt one down for myself. PS: I was OBSESSED with Lisa Frank in elementary school!

    Also, I may or may not have been trespassing on middle school property in my EBEW pictures 😉

  3. YES!!! Four Square! No one ever knows what I am talking about- four square was the BOMB. You are my new best friend.

    I was the nerdy, “I love school” kid, so I totally get it. It’s one of the great perks of being a teacher 🙂

    Love those boots!

  4. I’m in school (again) and though I complain about it, I secretly like it. And my husband and I are school supply nerds. We have more school supplies than we need. Yet, every year we find ourselves in the “Back to School” sections, buying supplies that we don’t need! It’s an odd obsession…

  5. Heehee! Cute list. Of course, as a teacher sometimes I feel I never left school which can be disconcerting, but things are different when you’re the one lecturing too….

  6. Are we the same person?!

    1. I want that cardigan so hard
    2. I MISS COLLEGE TOO!! What was I thinking, ever wanting to leave? The real world is lonely.
    3. school supplies, come at me.

  7. Oh man, I love this. I also have that exact cardigan so I’m excited to see someone else wear it differently. (new ideas!) Also, I’ve always secretly wanted to go back to high school as an adult. Never Been Kissed-style. 😉

  8. Love this look, Molly! Such a cute cardi! 😉
    And yes, school supplies rule! I haven’t been back to school in over a decade, but I still wander the aisles every August drooling over pens and cases and notebooks and calendars. This year I actually got to shop for my kiddo which was way fun. Although, he wanted Transformers everything and we had a hard time finding them. 😉 In case you were wondering, Spiderman and Batman are the de rigeur characters for this years backpacks, folders and lunchboxes! 😉 However, I am not only an awesome mommy, but a shopping queen and I did indeed find Transformers gear. 😉 The kiddo was pleased. Mommy was pleased. It was a good day. Ahhhhh.

  9. I know! It was the best, school supplies, seeing friends, finding out who your new teacher was….those were the days of simplicity!!! And, Molly, I love that cardigan…oooh-la-la!!! Precious as always!

  10. I absolutely LOVE new school supplies! I feel like I should be taking at least 1 class this fall too. And your outfit is so cute! Totally something I would wear. 🙂


  11. I am such a nerd…I loved learning too!
    I still do…the day has not enough hours for me to check out everything that I want to…and then, there is this annoying thing I have to do for a straight 8 hours, oh, yeah work. Damn.
    P.S. 1Thank you for stopping by and for your nice words!
    P.S. 2 That’s what they are called! Accordion pleats!

  12. don’t worry girl, i am right there with you! i totally miss being in school, the nervous feeling you get right before new classes start, buying new school supplies, new school outfits. all of it! we’ll be nerds together 😉
    xo TJ

  13. What a cute animal print cardi! I miss college too! There’s no other time in life when you get to live with your friends and have so little responsibilities!

  14. I’m such a nerd as well–I completely miss school (specifically college!). But the second you brought up Lisa Frank. Oh. My. God. I was OBSESSED with everything Lisa Frank. Do they still make that stuff?

    The Glossy Life

  15. I love being in school! School supplies are my favorite!!! Love that cardigan and I am still obsessed with your boots, too 🙂 And I recognize that necklace!!! xoxo

  16. Lisa Frank! Yes! I had all sorts of Lisa Frank folders, pencils and erasers. The erasers were always my favorite because they were shaped like animals and my friends and I would trade them!

    Love this outfit, I’d probably wear something similar on the first day of school!

  17. Lisa Frank!!!! I always try to tell my boyfriend what that is and he just doesn’t get it. Seriously, girls were judged at my school by who has the coolest Lisa Frank folder. I miss school too 🙁 Love that cardigan!


  18. Um I love all of those things about school that you just mentioned! I can’t wait till my son is old enough for back to school shopping…so, so fun! And man I was really good at dodge ball and four square. Man I miss those times. I also love your outfit and those boots especially!

  19. I miss school so much- especially high school. While I enjoyed college just as much as the next kid, high school was my absolute favorite. What I miss most is my small graduating class and all the things we did together- prom, pep ralleys, terrorizing our substitute teachers. Ahh….

  20. Haha, you are so cute, love your ‘back to school’ outfit. To be honest, I don’t really miss being in school. The only thing I miss is having all my friends within walking distance and being carefree and not have to worry about ‘adult problems’. Because really, all the things you listed… I still do. I still buy supplies, except it’s for work. I still shop all the time. I still learn on a daily basis, or a quick read of wikipedia would fix that (don’t make fun of me). 🙂

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  21. Ahhhh, I miss my Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper!! If only I had a use for it at work…I’m sure I could find one. I also get a smidg jealous when I see kiddos going back to school shopping! Oh how I miss that….a new backpack, a new pair of shoes…some notebooks….(insert adult sad face here) 😉

  22. And this is why I never left school. It may be my 14th year of college, but I haven’t taken classes in over 7 years 😉 I’m with you on loving school supplies (I still get giddy over a new pen or notebook) and always want to go back to school shopping!
    Love your outfit!

  23. Ahhhh, school. 🙂 I’m a senior in high school this year and I wish I could say that I am having fun, but going to a school as rigorous as mine makes it difficult to have fun, haha. I can only check blogs at midnight now! Anyway, I love your outfit (especially the boots. I have a soft spot for boots, especially red ones!)

  24. Such a cute “back to school” look Molly! I absolutely love the necklace, and I really like the maroon – so fall-appropriate! I don’t miss being actually back in school (just finished law school about a year and a half ago, so the wounds are still fresh, haha), but I also love the fresh school supplies and totally miss those great grade-school memories of movie days and substitute teachers! 😀

  25. Oh my gosh!! I totally loved getting ready for school too! Which is why I’m considering going back! haha..I graduated early from college so I just didn’t get my fill of it…
    Ok now I’m going to go figure out how I can enter this contest…

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