1. Oh my gosh, this is so my kind of an outfit! This polka dotted denim shirt is the best, it”s crazy comfy to wear and looks so cute with everything. (Haha, you’ve given me new ideas for how to wear mine now, the combo of it and the lace is killer!) And those cowboy boots, oh, those are just so fun. I think one of my favorite things about your style is how you wear cowboy boots with anythings and make it look so cute and natural.

    These photographs are also so pretty, the lighting is beautiful and really looks stunning with the cornfield behind you.

  2. I totally thought of that quote in The Holiday when Kate Winslet says “I like corny. I’m looking for corny in my life.” Haha arent we all? You look adorable!

  3. Molly you are so cute! I love that lace dress (want to see it all by itself!). And I love that you paired it with the polka dot top and boots to dress it down a little. Love it as usual!

  4. This is possibly my favourite outfit of yours..ever!!!! Absolutely stunning. And these photos are amazing’ the lighting, the setting’ all so perfect. And I totally loved LHOTP too. It was on every Sunday here in the uk! Xxxx

  5. Very cute! I am totally going to steal this look! (Except for the boots, not a cowgirl boots girl – although they look fab on you!)

  6. Hahahaha corny. Hahaha

    I love the polka dots and lace! And it’s really cool how from far away it looks like a solid chambray shirt but up close you can see the print! Very country, very fall and sooo chic! I want the entire outfit!

  7. i feel i need to comment again on how awesome this outfit is, love the lace skirt and polka dot chambray i knew you would be rocking it and just had to buy it 🙂

  8. The photos in the cornfield came out SO gorgeous! I love how you paired the lace skirt with the cowboy boots. I’m trying to think of ways to wear my boots for the fall. 🙂

  9. so i own a white lace dress that i never know how to wear without looking to fancy…i think i know now! i love this look! and laura is from my home state, so i love me some little house on the prairie!

    1. hahaha right?! thanks, rebecca!! as ironic as it sounds, i feel super self-conscious looking at the camera. i know. i know. i have a fashion blog. what?! but my self-consciousness is somewhat muddled when i don’t look at the camera… or something. it’s the cross that i bear…

  10. As a country girl myself, I can really appreciate this post and the backdrop of your photos. There really are so many ways to style that white lace dress- who would’ve thought!

  11. You are too cute. I love the title and the play off the cornfield. Does your husband take these pictures for you or do you have a tripod? I need to find a photographer. Tim doesn’t love picture time.

    1. thanks, meghan!!! 🙂 i actually take most of my pictures. camera and tripod are my BFF. husband doesn’t hate taking my pics, but he doesn’t love it either. also, as sad as it is, it’s very rare that we are home at the same time when it’s light out. 🙁 hahah

  12. How cute are these pictures and how cute is this outfit?!
    Pretty dang cute 🙂

    Seriously, girl, I’m loving these pictures!

  13. Totally love the polka dot chambray top worn over the lace dress!! And your posts always crack me up girl, the title alone had me smiling! You look fabulous 🙂


  14. THANK you Molly for breaking the silly “rule” about white! Whoever made up that rule anyway? Stupid. Love this outfit, especially the boots!

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