1. Great tips! I did hear something on cartalk about ac vs windows. They said it’s about the same when you figure gas for the ac and gas for the drag the open windows create. Who knew?!

  2. Listen, you are just my type of gal. I use most of these tips already-especially the Plato’s one. I was just there last week because they’re having a 50% off clearance sale. Keep your eyes open because their 50% sales usually lead to ‘fill the bag’ sales at the beginning of the year. I’m also a faithful Target clearance shopper. I haven’t been able to take advantage of the coupons though because I need to set my computer up but I agree that coupons are definite money savers. Annnd, I just downloaded the GasBuddy app. Thanks for reminding me of that; I recently got a new phone and have been trying to re- download all of the apps that I previously had and I had forgotten the name of it. You are truly BOMB! Thanks again for sharing. I’m pinning this too!

  3. lady friend… in a word: PROPS! I am still so impressed at your commitment to getting out of debt. I think living within one’s means is always fashionable… and even going above and beyond to squirrel away some money is a super smart idea… starting at any age. I mostly shop online, and do my best to browse around for good deals/coupons/promo codes – sometimes I even make myself sleep on it so that I don’t get over excited in the moment and make a stupid splurge. Love this series!

  4. Mahahah, you are my kind of shopper! I love that little shopping break down, that was a great example of how wonderful coupons can be. (And sales!) I really look forward to this post every week. (even though I have been a very bad comment-er, so sorry!)
    I think this was a very helpful post, it can be so stressful when you’re down to that point of not knowing if you are going to get to eat that week and that was a great point of the food ministries. Local foodbanks are also amazing, and I don’t know if every Salvation Army does this, but ours has twice a week where they put two carts full of free food at the front of the store for anyone who needs it. (And if someone walks in and needs food, they usually have some behind the desk for giveways. Really amazing and kind hearted people.) For those who do have babies and can not afford their diapers, most food banks have started carrying those and giving them away.
    Whoops, this turned into a long post!

    1. yay!!! (and oh girl don’t you worry about the commenting – we all have lives 🙂 :)) and i’m so glad that this is helping. the Salvation Army really is awesome! they have a few locations here!

    1. hahaha oh girl i know what you mean. it’s the same for me. I start small and easy. if i have a grocery list or things i know i need, i look for coupons for THOSE SPECIFIC THINGS rather than vice versa (i.e. shopping the coupons). just here and there… pepper the coupons in… you don’t have to go crazy like those people on tv! 🙂

  5. This is SO helpful! I’ve been feeling like an idiot because for the last few months because I’ve been feeling like I should use coupons, but I had no idea where to get them… those websites are perfect! Thank you so much, Molly!

  6. HiMolly!
    Love your blog!! Couponing is a great tool! You can also print coupons on Smartsource.com and Redplum.com. One of my favorite couponing bloggers is Keeping the Kingdom where she does weekly $5 challenges at Wal~Green’s and CVS. Once you master the strategy of how to shop those 2 stores you will never pay for toothpaste or razors again!

  7. I love how you lay it out so simple and easy. Everything is so expensive in NYC, so I really have to be mindful. I try to minimize the eating out and make sure I balance out how much I owe for rent, heat and hot water, etc. I’m still getting used to HAVING to think about these things, but I’m getting there!

    The Glossy Life

  8. Great tips Molly! Especially about turning off the AC in your car – I didn’t know just how much gas that could save. You also mentioned some great sites and programs I’d like to try out like fuel rewards – thanks for sharing these!


  9. Great tips, Molly! In college I saved so much money on food by simply making my own meals and not going out to eat unless it was a special occasion. Buying store brands instead of name brands helped, too!

  10. I need to check out the Restaurant.com ASAP. Why haven’t I seen this before. Thanks for all the tips. I know all of us took away several things from it today! Keep doing what you are doing!

  11. Great post! I’ve been a big fan of Dave Ramsey for a LONG time and use a written budget every month. It helped me get debt free as well. Granted he wouldn’t be happy to know how much money I spend on my horses each month or that I plan to buy a farm (with a loan since I do not have that much money laying around and it would take my lifetime to save for). But I love being debt free and the freedom that comes with it.

    BTW, Thanks for sharing the target coupons and Fuel Rewards. I’m definitely going to look into that one because I spend close to $450 on fuel each month. (I drive over an hour to work everyday)

  12. These are some great tips! I have to say that the hardest thing about living in Australia is that the prices here are so high. A muffin at a cafe will cost $4.00, no joke. Even groceries are super expensive so I find that really hard to budget! I need to learn how to do a written budget too 🙂

  13. This is an AWESOME and super helpful post, thanks! My husband and I have always been on a budget, but since I decided to switch careers and make about a third of what I was making before, our budget has gotten REALLY tight. It can be really hard for both of us at times. I’m going to have to keep an eye out for those Target coupons 🙂

    1. yay! so glad you found it helpful!!!! i can only imagine things must be tight… it’s definitely REALLY hard! i know! but little things here and there can REALLY help you save some dollars!

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