1. Girl, you are so gorgeous! I have been seeing leather all over the blogosphere and keep commenting that I want to add it to my fall wardrobe but don’t know how. This skirt is a super perfect solution for me – it’s still girly and feminine enough to fit into my wardrobe, and it’s not too edgy to be dressed up for work. I love this! Hope you have a fantastic trip to Kenya…you’re such an inspiration!


    1. thank you so much, stephanie! i hope you get it and i can’t wait to see your pics of you wearing it!! and seriously thank you so much for your sweet comment… i will be blogging from kenya so expect lots of pics!! 🙂

  2. Love, love, love! You look amazing in hot pink and you’re right the silhouette of that skirt is really flattering. 😉
    I’ll be praying for y’all on your Kenya trip. I can’t wait to hear about it when you get back!

  3. Literally lol’ing at your hubby’s comment–so cute! I have been looking for a faux leather skirt everywhere, this one is such a good find! I think they’re great now with light blouses, but will be even better with tights and chunky sweaters. I seriously need one, ASAP!

    The Glossy Life

  4. My point exactly about high-waisted skirts and hour-glass shaped girls! Being one of them, I like myself more in these kind of skirts than pencil or A-cut ones! AND a (faux)-leather one on top???? Great! I will check it out, thank you! And you should show your legs more often, they are g.r.e.a.t.
    Happy Wednesday and have loads of fun in Kenia ! (that’s Kenia, Africa, right? – WOW).

  5. I simply love love love H&M! Their clothes are all so cute and such a reasonable price. I only wish there was a store somewhere close to me. Hope y’all have a safe and wonderful trip!

  6. And Molly FTW!!! Faux leather done right, Girl! Adore this with the hot pink and the wedges keep it warm weather appropriate. AND the Husband loves it? I’ll be prepared for you wearing this number every day!!! I’m prayin’ for your trip, Doll. ~Sarah

  7. wow you are gorgeous in that leather skirt!! i love the conversation between you and your husband, simple to the point and you both agree on you wearing more leather win win for both!

  8. This skirt looks so awesome on you! I tried the same one on and I wasn’t crazy about the way it fit on me, but I really loved the skirt. It really fits you perfectly, and I love the bright pink top with it!

  9. I gotta admit…I’m a little hesitant about this leather trend. I don’t know why I just feel like it so isn’t me. But you make it look so good! I love the style of this skirt on you. I’ll just have to wait and see…never say never right?

  10. WOW!!!! I love this!!! I am not really digging the leather pencil skirts that are out…this cut is waaaaaay cuter!!! High five, friend! You look divine! And I can’t wait to follow along with your trip!! It’s going to be another life changing experience for you! So excited for you guys!

    1. aw thank you so much, shanna! yeah i don’t think the leather pencil skirts would work well on me – a little too 50 shades if you know what i mean. but this one was just right! can’t wait to blog about all the adventures!

  11. Your husband is so wise 🙂 I better see you rocking this skirt often! it is amazing on you! What a great find, I freaking love H&M. Umm…I need to see you more 🙂 Let’s plan a date when you return from Kenya, I’ll be thinking about you two!

      1. We leave November 1st 🙂 Getting so excited to see our family and friends….and eat everything we’ve missed for the last 2-3 years! lol

  12. You know it’s a great outfit when even the Hubbs likes it! I love the leather skirt – it looks great on you! And the pop of the hot pink with it is perfect! Once again, you nailed it! xo

  13. I Lurve this outfit on you!! I couldn’t pull this skirt off with my short waisted, high hippin body, but it looks fabulous on you. That pink is so complimentary, too! And OMG YOU’RE GOING TO KENYA TOMORROW!!! Sooooo excited for you!!!!

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