1. Beautiful post. I love your pics-you two look totally adorable together. I’m especially loving what you said about prayer and putting God first in the relationship. My honey and I have been talking and practicing that alot lately and let me tell you….it has gotten us through some tough times. Good luck and I wish you many more years of bliss!


  2. Hi Molly, It s great to see your wedding pictures, I am a total sucker when it comes to love and marriage and I’m glad it is working out for you. I am still far to young to be married, but I do look forward that special moment in my life as well. I totally agree with you when it comes to the fact that your individual devotions to God allows you two to love each other on a deeper level. This because you two truly love yourself and practicing your religon is an investment that you can benifit from in more than one way. I love all your blog posts and hope to see more pictures of the two of you soon. Have a blessed married life!

  3. Your wedding photos are amazing! And congrats. My husband and I have been married almost 11 months and I count months too! And absolutely love married life!

  4. Congrats to you and John Molly! I love seeing your wedding pictures, please keep sharing more. You made for an absolute beautiful bride – I hope to have a great marriage such as yours someday too. Thanks for putting a smile on my face today with this post!


  5. Your pictures are just too precious for words! And I love your advice to love Christ first and each other second. I think this is perfect!
    xo TJ

  6. Love this! My husband and I have been married almost 8 months, and the only way to have a bless marriage is to keep Christ in the center. Congrats!

  7. These pictures are SO adorable. You can totally see how in love you guys are. I love being married too! People are always “the first year is the hardest” and I just look at them. Really? Because it’s sort of been the best year of my life so far! 🙂

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  8. I’ve been married for 7 months too!!! Our wedding date was February 4th! So fun 🙂

    I absolutely LOVE your pictures! They are amazing and you are such a gorgeous bride! Congratulations to the two of you!

  9. I love that you shared your wedding pictures – they’re beautiful! And what a great post. I’m also a newlywed (almost 2 years – I think that still qualifies) & you’re so right about always learning new things & enjoying the little things. Just found your blog & have enjoyed getting to know you better 🙂

  10. OMG Molly, these photos are awesome. I love the little country rustic feeling to your wedding. I have been married for 7 years and 3 months now, exactly, and marriage is a great thing. I wish you guys another 60 years together!!

    I also linked up my outfit yesterday for Yolo Mondays but I had a mishap while posting. Please come by my blog and support me by clicking FOLLOW as I support you 100%. I love your attitude, your aura and your style. =)

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