1. i love coming over to here, your blog is always such a happy place 🙂 You look like a lovely ray of sunshine! and i am so with you, heck i wear any colour i want all year round, why stop per season. I do also like the new autumnal colours and see me wearing lots of mustard and burgandys! xx

  2. I definitely wear bright colors year round! Party because I like to extend my summer wardrobe (yay cardigans!) and because who doesn’t want to feel cheerful on those dreary winter days? I need to get some yellow though! It’s the perfect cheery color!

  3. Hello Sunshine! I love that you’re still wearing color! I giggle when I see all these other bloggers decked out head to toe in sweaters and scarves in fall colors- knowing darn well it’s still a good 80ish degrees out. Silly girls 🙂

    PS- Loving all the baubles!

  4. You are so right Molly! I’ll be rocking some bright colors in the fall and winter, just because they make me happy! Love the bright yellow and the touch of turquoise!

  5. I agree 100%! In fact I am wearing yellow to prove it! Look at my latest IG photo. 😉 You have been finding some awesome photo locations lately! Love the pictures…you are adorable per usual.

  6. I plan on wearing tons of color this year too – I just can’t let go of my summer brights! Love the bright yellow top and the shoes to match, so cute Molly!


  7. I love your yellow blouse–wear it for as long as you want! I agree with you completely, sometimes you need to wear some color to get out of the cold-weather blues!

  8. I agree! Color, color, color! I will be wearing my fair share of it this fall. I absolutely love that necklace. It’s perfect. And yellow…yes! And those DIY shoes…so, so fun!

  9. Oh Molly, you are just so awesome!!!! I will no longer be afraid of yellow. I don’t think I wear it well, but I’m gonna have to try it now cuz you look just so beautiful in it!!!!! Love you

    And your dad is so awesome. I miss him a lot!!!

  10. Yellow is my favorite color for that reason! I just bought a few cardigans at Target in bright colors and patterns, so you won’t be alone in wearing color this fall!

  11. I totally agree about the bright colors. When it’s dark, cold, and dreary out is THE time to be wearing brights. How else are you going to get through the winter? Love your yellow top and DIY shoes! And your arm party is just fabulous. 🙂

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  12. It’s so true! Even when I get all cranky and depressed about the weather I notice I’m wearing greys and blacks! I love yellow and I agree that it (and the other brights) should be worn year round! You’re rocking this outfit (and I love your bracelets too)!

  13. There is no wrong time to wear bright colors!! And I agree, it’s so much more difficult to be in a bad mood when you’re wearing a yellow or a pink or something similar. Love it!!!

  14. LOVE LOVE LOVE your top! It’s after midnight but I am going to bed all cheery because of this post! I agree with wearing bright colors in the fall. For me though I don’t mind the fall as much as I do winter [bleh] THAT’S when I plan on breaking out my neons, purples, pinks, and yellows. Winter blues stink! I wish it could just be Spring and Fall all year 🙂

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