1. OMG! I went into an abandoned lot a couple of weeks back to take pictures and this really weird guy drove up and asked what I was doing and if I needed help. He then proceeded to tell me that what I was doing was illegal. I asked him if he was the police and that if not he should leave me alone. Yeah, it was really weird and it irritated me to the core because I then had to find somewhere else to set up shop!


  2. Haha I love that you have a story planned – that’s totally something I would do. I say you’re not trespassing, you’re making art! 🙂 I personally am loving all your new scenery! What time of day are you taking your shots? The lighting is great!

  3. HAHA! Your cover story is the exact same one that has been on the tip of my tongue if anyone gives me that what-the-heck-are-you-doing look. Glad to see us bloggers sticking together 🙂

    Looking cute, Molly!

  4. You know, last weekend for the first time EVER (in almost a year of blogging) someone told us that we were trespassing on private property. We were taking photos on the side of a business. A public building in the middle of the day. It was the weirdest thing.
    BTW, I want that dropbox SO bad. I LOVE IT!

  5. Hahahahahaha!!! You totally had me laughing out loud, Lady! Maybe it’s time to get yourself some business cards. Add your founder title to it to make it extra o-fish-all! ~Sarah

    PS Love the outfit. The tank is a gem!
    PPS You look really good for being almost 70… jes’ sayin’…

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