[Casual Saturday Fashion] – Early Bird / Nite Owl

September 15, 2012·

Hey you, have you entered my Tallulah Earrings giveaway yet? No? You still have time!

[Chambray Shirt: JCrew (at Target for $24!) | Lace Tank: Target ($15!) | Quatrefoil Necklace: Fab’rik Chapel Hill | Ever After Necklace: c/o Stella & Dot | Mint Jeans: Target (Similar) | Shoes: TOMS | Sunnies: Target]

You guys, so there is this old abandoned car lot near my house where I sometimes take my outfit pics. I’ll be honest, I like it cause there’s a bunch of different places around the building to take pictures AND there are no people, THUS, no awkwardness.

Then I saw a sign today (for the FIRST TIME, mind you… and I’ve taken a lot of pics there) that said “TRESPASSERS WILL BE PROSECUTED.” Whoops. Now, I am not going IN the buildings or anything… I’m merely standing outside of them… taking pictures of my outfits. That’s not trespassing, right? Right.

Although, I do have a nice ‘cover story’ that I’m a student in a photography class learning the settings of my self-timer. You know, JUST IN CASE someone were to drive up and be like, “Uhh ma’am? Why are you awkwardly posing by that there no-longer-used nightly dropbox?

Because no human in their right mind would believe I am a card carrying fashion blogger. Right? Right. Because I don’t have fashion blog ID card.

Wait a tick… maybe I do………………….! 😉

Yeah, that happened. 😉 Ah, good times.

Now, time for your weekly roundup:

Anywho. Happy Weekend!