1. Molly – this is so amazing (but not the arrested part)! It’s incredible how different cultures are from our own, especially when it comes to their government and law officers. Those pics of your husband with the kids are so adorable!


  2. Oh my goodness! What a crazy story, I’m sorry this happened but I’m glad you were able to teach her a lesson regardless if you end up paying a fine. I hope nothing like this happens again the rest of your time there!

  3. Molly, you are such an amazing person! I love that you’re doing this! That is absolutely crazy about the police – I can’t believe they pull you over and ask for bribes! It looks like you’re having such a great time over there and meeting such wonderful people – and those kids! They’re so beautiful! I love the holding hands picture!

  4. Ummmm I’m tearing up…just love you are able to keep us updated and tell us your AMAZING stories!! You can see how bonded you are with your “family” down there, I love it!! Praying for you guys over there!

  5. Awww…. Molly, I was SO delighted to read this post! Except for that sad incident with the police, I was so inspired reading about your stay in Kenya and all the AMAZING people that you have met! How great is your job over there with the missionaries, you are really admirable!

  6. All of it is amazing and you are amazing. Admirable of you guys to stand up to the cops and their ways. Keep up the good work. .. will be keeping updated.

  7. wow lady, you just MADE my Sunday! What a wonderful purpose you are serving. Good to hear that your “arrest” wasn’t more serious! Love seeing those smiling faces of the people who’s lives you are touching. While the work you are doing is phenomenal, we need you to get back here safely too!

  8. Love this update. The smiles on their faces say it all- they are so happy to have you & your husband there. Keep it up, you are doing amazing things my dear!


  9. Agghh! I am such a sap, but seriously moved by the photos of the people. Their gratitude and love is so evident on their faces….especially Mary’s. BREAKS MY HEART. We are so blessed, but here these people are with more faith in their pinky fingers than we have in our entire beings. SO PRECIOUS. Love you, Molls!

  10. Well done Molly! This post made cry (mainly the photos but still). I’m such a girl. I’m so happy you are able to go out there and be a part of their lives. It’s such a beautiful thing. <3 Way to go girl! I hope sometime this coming year I can plan a trip to NC to stop in and say "hi" to you (I'll bring mucho Diet Coke). 🙂 You're just a doll.

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