1. Hello lovely, i just wanted to pop a quick comment to you as have been reading and following your trip. I just wanted to say you have really inspired me, these photos really hit home with me. I am now currently looking in to sponsoring a child as i know this is something i have to do! I want to do more, but feel like this is a good place to start. i am not of strong faith like yourself, but those kids, they need support and i want to be someone who does just that in whatever little way i can. Thank you! xx

  2. This made my heart flutter this morning. I needed it. I woke up feeling very sick and I have several responsibilities at church today including teaching children’s church. You are such an inspiration. Love you!

  3. Awesome! I’ll pray for y’all. And in Ghana they called us Brunis. They had a whole song they’d sing when we’d walk around. And those faces just get you every time, huh? Oh flying across Africa is just the worst. It’s so deceiving because you think it’s not going to be that long, because we never see the real size on a map! I flew between Ethiopia and Ghana twice, and my goodness. Best wishes Molly! Thanks for the update!

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