1. I love your pompador in these pictures. I have no idea if that is the true name of that hair style, but you rocked it! And your video made me laugh so hard, I actually was in the bath tub and just jumped on YouTube. My bf had a huge laugh finding me in there cracking up! :o)

    1. ooooooo pompador!!! never heard it called that – i just call it a sock bun but pompador sounds SO MUCH more fun and fancier! 🙂 thanks, liz!! glad you’re okay and you didn’t hurt yourself laughing! LOL!!!

  2. HAha!! That was freaking hilarious! I really admire your boldness to go interview the man who rejected the tiger, too. You’re so likeable and adorable! Thanks for the laugh.

  3. Ok – couldn’t’ stop laughing at your video. Someone actually picked it up and threw it away. Love it and you caught it on video.

    Looks like such a fun time.

  4. Now, I am having a fair craving, girl! 😉 I haven’t been to a fair in years. 😉 Sad, I know.
    And, ‘fried oreos’???? I can’t quite decide whether that sounds divine or disgusting? 😉

  5. Ok Molly you are too funny! That video was awesome! My jaw dropped and I started laughing when the guy threw the tiger down. Hilarious!!

  6. yay for the fair, me and doodle are going on sunday….there are some fried oreos in my future! and that’s it, I’m sticking a post yolo monday’s post it note on my computer so I can remember next week!!!!!!!!!
    brooke @ what2wear

  7. ha, i laughed out loud with the picture of sponge bob and patrick behind the net at the carnival game. sponge bob looks EXCEPTIONALLY creepy in that shot. and my husband and i have been debating going to the GA state fair for the exact same reasons you just listed, but you’re right, it’s sooo fun!

  8. Molly that video is hilarious! Just what I needed this Monday morning. Poor tiger. Love your photos. And BTW, did you meet Santa at the Frozen Banana stand? Please tell me you noticed that that guy looks exactly like Santa.

  9. Morning Molly.

    Ahhh you look so cute bundled up in your layers. Nice shoes & vest in my favorite color. This looks like a fun trip with your husband. Ohhh and I linked up – check it out.

    Have a Great Week, Ada. =)

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