You can’t be sad when…

October 16, 2012·

[Pencil Skirt: Target | Polka Dot Chambray: Old Navy | Denim Jacket: LOFT (similar) | Boots: old (similar) | Bag: Target]

…you’re wearing purple!

My dad has been saying it for years, “You can’t be sad when you’re wearing purple.

Really, you could just insert another bright color in place of purple. But, for today’s purposes, we’ll stick with purple.

I snagged this skirt from Target last weekend for $5.88. BOOM! Helloooooo, 70% off rack!

Yeah, I love this skirt. It makes me so happy. But now that I take a step back and look at the skirt situation, maybe I can’t be sad in this skirt because I got it for such a deal. Or maybe it really is because it’s purple. Or maybe it’s both.

Or maybe I’m way over analyzing the power of the skirt.

Either way, this is one happy skirt.

Oh, and this outfit was my first attempt at double denim. You know, chambray + denim. Someone stop me, ’cause this girl is outta control.

Or something.

Also, I’d like to address something. So, I was looking at the pictures of this outfit when I downloaded them off the camera, and I noticed the wrinkles in my skirt. I almost scrapped the whole outfit post. And then I thought to myself, “NO!” I like this outfit and I’m gonna post it.

I’m not a model, I really dislike ironing, and I work all day… so guess what? Sometimes, when I sit for extended periods of time, my clothes wrinkle. I don’t walk around all day with my clothes perfectly pressed. And, I have a feeling, that many of the rest of you are the same way. We have lives where we wear clothes and the clothes wrinkle after wearing them.

So, if I’m keeping it real, I’m gonna really keep it real and rock my lap wrinkles.

Just saying. </mini rant>


Happy Tuesday!

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