Twila! A Wedding! High Fives! Oh my!

October 19, 2012·

Happy Friday, y’all. First, I just have to honestly say how humbled and blessed I felt by y’alls comments on my post yesterday. Whew. I had to get out the tissues there for a sec. You guys are the best.

Anywho, moving on. I am actually heading up to Northern Virginia today for Amy’s wedding! OHMYGOSHIAMSOEXCITED. Can’t wait. You KNOWS that I’m going to be posting and sharing images from the weekend on the Instagram. So follow me there [@stillebeingmolly] if you don’t already. 🙂

Here are my “High Fives” for the week (and an additional awesome thing I am excited to share with you guys! Just scroll down! :))

1. I don’t know if it was my new leopard loafers from Target or a feeling of sassiness yesterday, but I opted to order my lunch in a British accent. Yes, it’s a true story. You see, these are the awkward and weird things that I do when I’m alone.

2. The Cleveland Browns won a game!! FINALLY. If you are a longtime reader of the blog (or know me at all) you will know that I am a DIE HARD Cleveland fan. And we are notoriously terrible at sports. And we were 0-5. And we finally won a game. Phew.

3. So, I was just meandering about last week with my coworker and we went into LOFT to pick something up for her. And there I was, standing in the sale section, and spotted these glittery beauties… for 40% off the sale price! That’s $15, baby. Annnnnnnd so I bought them. Sue me. 

4. I’ve already rehashed our trip to the NC State Fair this week, but what I didn’t fully emphasize was how freaking AWESOME (fawesome) the tractor pull is. Seriously. I know that sounds lame, but oh man it’s awesome. This photo below? That thang is on FIRE. LITERALLY. Engulfed in flames, that engine is. And I love it. Oh man. I haven’t “WOO’d” that hard since I sat front row at the *NSYNC concert in 2001.

5. TWILA. Okay, so I just realized that I haven’t shared about this on the blog yet, but I had the honor of being the inaugural “cover girl,” if you will, for the first edition of TWILA, an e-magazine produced by my dear friend and sorority sister, Johnna. Johnna also happens to be a SUPER UBER talented graphic designer and artist and has had a life-long dream of publishing a magazine, and she did it!

I was CRAZY humbled when she asked me to be on the cover and in the feature story. The magazine is BEAUTIFUL and it looks amazing and she did such a great job (along with contributions from some other amazing writers, including another fellow sister, Chelsea from Classy, Chic, and Chardonnay!)

Anywho, I wanted to share the magazine with y’all and encourage you to take a look and even read Johnna’s interview with me! (My full interview is on page 20!)

A HUGE thank you to Johnna for including me! Check it out, y’all! 🙂


Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope you guys have a GREAT weekend!

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