1. I love how cheerful & fun this post is, just like you perky, cute Molly. =)

    The shots of those shoes (both pairs) are too cute. Both pairs I love, especially the Leopard ones.

    I am looking forward to your YOLO tomorrow. 😉

    Stop by and see what’s new over my page. Thanks, Ada. =)

  2. hahaha, who doesn’t love to pretend the are british every now and then! i wonder if british people ever pretend to be american. not likely, i imagine.

  3. That’s a gorgeous cover photo Molly! Also, nice job on the glittery flats! Hope you have a great time at the wedding!

  4. No. VA?! You gonna come see me in between all your festivities? j/k I know you’re super busy.

    Meaning that you should come to Homecoming so we can see each other… and actually connect this year. 🙂

  5. Um, your sorority sister is awesome! That’s so great that she had a dream and pursued it! And she couldn’t have picked a better star for her cover. 🙂 Props to her! Please tell her how much I admire her for this, from one Phi Mu gal to another!

    Oh, and I typed this in an Australian accent, just so you know. 😉
    – Heather

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