1. Good for you, taking these pics in the rain! I’d be afraid of ruining my camera, or having my tripod fall over and break it. Glad you made it out fairly unscathed!

  2. Those rain boots are adorable!! You definitely made these look so stylish & cute! I’m always afraid of wearing cute outfits when it rains. Love it!


  3. So I don’t know why I thought you always had someone taking your photo, but I love that you use a tripod. I tried to take my own photos in the park the other day, and noticed one car parked slightly close by and chickened out. LOL 🙂 You’re my self-taking photo hero. 🙂 And LOVE the scarf…wear it every day!

    1. hahaha yeah SOMETIMES my husband takes my photos, but more often than not (99% of the time) it’s me with a tripod. it’s definitely awkward but i’ve kind of turned it into a game! 🙂

      1. I love the photos you are taking! Any chance I could use a couple in the scarf listing – crediting your blog with a link in the listing?? maybe 🙂 You just look so darn cute and wear it so well!

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