1. The same thing happened to me in third grade. We went to the capitol building in Lincoln and I was mortified! Lucky for me I changed schools again the next year, so I only had to endure the teases and nicknames for the rest of the school year. Now I always check multiple times before leaving the bathroom.

      1. They definitely do! Now we are strong, confident, compassionate women! (Who always check their dresses before leaving the bathroom 🙂

  2. Seniour year of high school I was going up the steps to where all the busses are waiting when school gets out and it was snowy outside. Well, at the top of the stops i fell, my books and folders flying EVERYWHERE. I was a nerd, and seriously NOBODY was helping me pick anything up or even helping me up, even though there were hundreds of people out there. Finally someone helps me up and it turns out it is the class president/quarterback of the football team. I was mortified! But he was super nice and helped me pick everything up. Ill never forget it! Now he is a news anchor on nbc in denver! And still super nice.


  3. Oh, I so remember the humiliation that comes along with being a kid sometimes! I can’t think of anything specific but if I do I’ll post about it – it’s a good idea for a post! 🙂

  4. I think my brain blocks out the super embarrassing things that I have done but I do remember going for a walk in the neighborhood with my friend when we were lilke 9 or 10 years old. I had to pee really bad and my friend was taking a long time to walk (stalling perhaps ?). We were on the street where a really cute, popular boy lived and she started saying something that made me laugh so hard I peed my pants, right there on the street 🙁

  5. Ohhhh girl! You are definitely not alone here! I was bullied really bad too – isn’t it awful?!! It gives me suh a soft spot in my heart for kids now! I actually almost beat the crap out of some kid (exaggerating, but I have him an earful) at the movies harassing another kid.

    Anyway, the skirt thing actually happened to me a couple of months ago when I was in NYC with my hubby and parents. So don’t worry, it happens to us all. But how crappy that nobody told you!!!! Once I peed my pants in 2nd grade. I couldn’t help it, I don’t even know what happened but it was a lot. And my teacher made me move my seat and nobody wanted to sit next to me. It was awful.

    1. oh it was the WORST! but honestly it’s given me thicker skin over the years. and oh my goodness i’m so sorry that happened to you in the 2nd grade!! it may have been the 2nd grade but those things stick with us!!

  6. Oh Molly, you were so super adorable as a kid! I’m so sorry that you had to go through bullying as a child. I think it is so wonderful that you can talk about it now. I hate to laugh, but that story made me giggle, well…that is until I read your reaction. That must have been just so terrible to go through. I’m sure I’ve gone through horribly embarrassing things in my life, but for some reason, I just can’t think of them right now. I probably blocked them from my memory! 🙂

    xo Jenny

  7. I had to laugh at your embarrassing moment, but only because it was the one that I was going to use. My dad wouldn’t let me wear shorts or skirts in middle school without stockings because of scars on my leg. I walked out of the bathroom with my skirt tucked in, but lucky it didn’t take that long for a friend to bring it to my attention. I would have to say the worst moment would have to be the seventh grade. I, too, was low on the friendship scale and often tormented by the popular kids. We were playing some stupid game in class and had to do what we were dared to do. They made me sing some song (a dirty kind of song like Do Me Baby or something like that) Truth be told, the exact song eludes me, but they made me sing it to someone who was considerably lower on the totem poll than me. Those are just two of many and I still do embarrassing things today that do not dawn on me until way after I’ve gotten home and have a chance to sit back and think.

      1. Kids are the worst, but unfortunately the older that I get and the more people I meet I begin to realize that they really do live by example. That in which doesn’t break us, does indeed make us stronger. At least I try to believe that.

  8. I had my pants pulled down as a joke while I was talking to my math teacher in 7th grade (apparently track pants made me a super easy target). In the front of the classroom. Worst part? Wearing a thong. Yepppp. I had to stay after class with the guy who did it and sit there while he got lectured. Mortifying.

  9. Well, getting a blood blister on my index finger during the first service of my first Sunday on stage at Newhope’s main campus last year was pretty embarrassing. Not sure if you ever found out about that mishap of mine, but playing with that blister was painful (and took weeks to heal). Also, my wireless battery died right in the middle of the third service (during Stronger, if I remember correctly) because I forgot to turn it off between song sets. However, I somehow managed to play all that off (pun not intended).

    By far, one of the most embarrassing days of my life happened a couple years ago when I was playing in the praise team for the church I used to attend in Lynchburg. So much went wrong. First off, the place in the guitar rack where I’d put my bass was occupied by some random acoustic guitar that I’d never seen before. I whined to my friend Susan about it, telling her it was some kind of omen, but she ignored my lament and told me things would be okay. During the song that I had to lead, the worship leader forgot to give me his microphone since there weren’t enough to go around. One of the vocalists tried to give me his wireless mic, but it wouldn’t fit in my mic stand, so the drummer had to get up and give me the worship leader’s mic and stand. After the congregation got a nice two minute intro for Be Unto Your Name, I started singing and sang the song the wrong way (thankfully, the congregation didn’t notice). It only took a few seconds to realize what I did wrong and fix it, but they felt like an eternity. For the offertory, we played I Will Rise and I sneezed into my left sleeve right as I was supposed to start playing. Thank God I was wearing long sleeves because there was a ridiculous amount of snot on my arm. All I could do was wipe it off (on one of my best pairs of dress pants) and start playing.

    After that was done, the praise team sat down so that the worship leader could lead the hymns (which were done with piano and organ. Right in the middle of the first song, my bass (which I had to lean against my amp since the rack was full) crashed to the ground with a loud bang. As the worship pastor looked back at my fallen bass for a split second, everyone sitting around me (including my friends) laughed and looked at me. I covered my face with my hands out of shame and embarrassment and I almost cried, especially since I remembered at that very moment that the audio for the service was being recorded and the mics probably picked that up.

    The rest of the service went off without a hitch, but the icing on the cake came after the service was over. I walked up to my still fallen bass (which, thankfully, wasn’t broken) and dusted it off with my hand. Then, I looked over to see Susan’s husband, Tony, walk up from the pews and pick up the mystery guitar from the rack. Overcome with emotion, I exclaimed, “That was YOUR GUITAR!!!” Tony explained that it belonged to his uncle and he put it there for safe keeping, but I couldn’t hear his explanation or myself subsequently ranting to him about how it was the source of all my problems that day because all I could hear was the sound of Susan laughing at the whole thing.

    I doubt that anyone else remembers that day, but I sure do. Haha. It still makes me embarrassed to think about it. Anyway, moments like mine and the one you described are never fun to experience, but it’s always amazing to see how God uses situations like those to grow us and prepare us for what He has in store for us down the road.

    1. hahahaa oh my gosh i hate to laugh but that is so funny – especially the sneezing part! and you’re so right – God uses those moments in the strangest of ways , but something ALWAYS comes out of it!! thanks for sharing, jason!!

  10. OMG I’m cracking up! I too was a tomboy and had to dress up for 5th grade pictures. My humiliation begins when I remember the DENIM MAXI DRESS that I wore (slim fit naturally) and continues when I was horsing around and the seam up the back split…up to my back. It is complete when I had to sit around and wait for my mom to bring me something because she was out shopping. Bahahaha memories. I also use humor to deflect but I remember being sooooo pissed that I’d even had to wear the dress and missed recess and everyone was making fun of me because I couldn’t “be a girl”. Wow. Thanks for making it all fresh again Molly! Now I only wear dresses 🙂 Do you think its connected?!

  11. That is one of my biggest fears!! I once walked around with a large line of toilet paper stuck to my shoe. I always check now when I leave a restroom to ensure this never happens again.

  12. I love how, at such a young age, you OWNED it. That is SO awesome 🙂
    I too was constantly teased at my school – first my first name is Justiss so at pledge time all eyes were on me during the “… and justice for all” part of the pledge. My maiden name was Armstrong, and that got a laugh too. Oh, my hair??? Did I mention, 80’s style afro on a white girl with a mom with bone straight hair who just braided it in crazy braids because she just couldn’t figure it out.

    I remember seeing pictures of Farrah Fawcet and the Mandrell sisters, even Cindi Lauper and Madonna all had kind BIG or Different hair, so one day I wore my hair curly and down to school. Without all the great products they have today for curly hair, but the end of the day my hair looked like sponge bob square pants, was knotted and big and frizzy. I was made fun of until I was, oh, wait… I still get made fun of hahahaha. But, like you I owned it. I feel like it is who I am and it has made me who I am. I know women (AND some men) who pay a lot of money to have bounce and curl like me… I also love my first name, it’s unique and it suits me now.
    Thanks for letting me share. And that is totally the CUTEST picture of you!!!

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