1. The Madewell event looks like so much fun! And I really wish I could wear my hair in a sock bun but for some reason it just doesn’t work…*sigh*
    It’s actually a lot harder to not give up on friends than it seems. I have great relationships with my friends but recently there is one that is making bad decisions and just doesn’t seem to listen or give back in the relationship. And my initial reaction is, “if you don’t care about this friendship then it’s not worth it.”

  2. The event at Madewell looks like it was SUCH a blast and your doggies are so sweet! I say the same thing about my puppies. They’re total communists. 😉

  3. Because I buy frivolous things, I found a product made specifically for sock buns at H&M. Which basically means it’s no longer a “sock” bun. But it’s awesome. Just thought you should know if you didn’t know already 😉

  4. I’m completely with you, Molly. In most cases, I believe in never giving up on something or someone, no matter how hard the situation might be. Also, that Starbucks drink is seriously calling my name. Loudly.

    The Glossy Life

  5. The start of this post totally made me giggle. I love your stream of consciousness! I’ve never had a chocolate peppermint mocha, I should try it! And I love your reminder about loved ones, it’s so true! Hope you have a great weekend Molly! 🙂

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  6. Word.

    Love it, excellent reminder. Love your personality that comes out with each post…it’s like we are having a conversation…but really only one sided. But I still feel like it was a conversation, and a good one at that 😉 you know?

    Have a great weekend!

  7. First of all, you made Susan B. Anthony SO Proud by voting on Tuesday 🙂 YAY! I’m all about that whoot whoot! And your dogs literally make me squeal with excitement… too cute!

    Thank you for sharing this Molly. It can be tough sometimes to understand and I put so much into each of my relationships (for the most part I’m not perfect) and sometimes I feel like I don’t get the same in return and I want to give up. But there is too much there to give up on!

  8. thanks for that, Molly!! I teach high school math and get so frustrated at my students. But I care for them, so I’m going to try my hardest not to give up on them!

    Love your blog! It’s on my bookmark to check daily 🙂

  9. great post today! I just want to add that even though sometimes your friends “give up” on being friends with you – like after an argument, it’s ok to still love them in your heart as well. I have known some like this and I know that if I ever saw them again, it would be like water under the bridge. However, the flip side to that is, words are like toothpaste inside the squeezie tube; once they come out you can’t put them back in – you can’t take it back, but apologizing can start the healing process.

  10. Hey, it’s totally okay that you talk to yourself. I start most of my posts the same way! 🙂 And your advice is great. I have people in my life that I feel the same way about… It’s not that they deserve second chances, but who does? If someone deserves mercy, it’s not really mercy, right? Okay, sorry… Long comment. Great post though 🙂

  11. completely agree! all those things like friendships, marriage – take working at them to make them better! and I loved the pictures from that night – I want that fur vest that one of the girls posted a picture of you in!

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