Pet Peeved. Or something.

November 8, 2012·

[Floral top: LOFT outlet | Jacket: Old Navy | Shorts: JCrew Outlet | Boots: Urban Outfitters]

Humans are weird. Like, straight up. If you think you’re not weird too, you’re sorely mistaken. We are all bizarro. There are times when I think I may be more bizarro than others, but I’m probably giving myself too much credit. Or something.

Anywho. Some of the weirdest things about each of us are our pet peeves. And most of us all have different pet peeves and they range from the straightforward and simple to the totally “WHAT in the?!”

Pet peeves are one of those things that I love to picture God up in heaven cracking up at each of dealing with the pet peeves he gave us. I am convinced God has a sense of humor. I mean, have you SEEN the platypus? That thing is hilarious. 

All rambling aside, I have weird pet peeves, too.

A few of my pet peeves may or may not include:

  • ANY drop of rogue water on my windshield. DRIVES ME CRAZY. I run out of windshield washer fluid SO quickly and it it’s raining, I CANNOT let any drop of rain remain on my windshield un-wiped for longer than a second.
  • I keep my desktop on my computer incredibly organized. If there is even ONE document not in a folder, I immediately have to create a new folder for that single document. I probably have 10 folders with one document each in them, but I don’t care. Rogue documents = the worst.
  • When the person who used the bathroom before you uses up all the TP and A) either leaves the roll there empty and then you have to go awkwardly searching for TP or B) they DO get out a new roll but they just set it up on top of the old empty roll. Like, COME ON. You’re SITTING DOWN. Just take the 2.4 seconds to replace the roll. I mean, really?!
  • My foods cannot touch. Nope. Main dish and sides are separate. Now, this does not apply to condiments, sauces, or toppings. I’m talking main dish and side dishes. They do not and will not ever mix on Molly’s plate. ESPECIALLY sweets and savories – e.g. fruits and veggies. I am horrible at buffet places because I have to have like nine separate plates. Hosts hate me.
  • The sound that balloons make when they’re being blown up / rubbed together. I know, this is a weird one, but I SWEAR that those balloons are going to pop and they’re going to pop in my face. It’s terrifying. Unless I am directly in control of the balloon-blowing-up process, I stay as far away from them as possible.

I know some of those are totally random, but hey, everyone has them. Right? I hope it’s not just me.

Also, I’m aware my pet peeves have nothing to do with today’s outfit photos, but it’s #NaBloPoMo, and it’s my blog. So yeah. I’ll write what I want. Or something.

Now, tell me: What’s a totally random pet peeve you have?