Yeah, Girls Like Sports, Too!

November 16, 2012·

It is no secret that I, Molly Stillman, am a Cleveland Browns Fan. I even publicly declared my love for the Browns on this here blog like three years ago.

That’s me in all my fangirl glory:
I LOVE the Cleveland Browns.

I love all Cleveland sports in general (heck, all sports, really), but the Browns? I BLEED Orange and Brown. For real.

Oh, you don’t believe me and my dedication?

Check out these photos of me as a baby:
that is one adorable Cleveland fan… amiright?

So yeah, it’s in my blood. As terrible as my team is, I can’t look away.

ALL of my friends and family know me as the crazy Cleveland fan. Sure, I get made fun of… which, by the way, is totally not cool – that’s like kicking someone when they’re already down… I mean, the Browns have never been good in my lifetime. What did we do to deserve such mockery?

Don’t answer that.

The only person that rivals my level of Browns fanship would be my dad.

So, what do you do with someone, a friend / family member / co-worker that loves a sports team as much as I love the Browns? Especially during a holiday or gift-giving season?

Well, you can console them for one… which we Browns fans need a lot of…

OR, you can get them team swag to make them feel at least a LITTLE bit better. You know, so they look and feel good while they cheer on their team.

My husband, being a crazy UNC Tar Heel fan is super easy to shop for. Tar Heel hat? Done. Tar Heel sweatshirt? Done. Tar Heel mouse pad? Done. Tar Heel mug? Done. You get the point.

And the same goes for me. Browns swag? Done.

For example, my husband got me this SWEET Browns bag for Christmas our first year together:But a bag like that, as awesome as it is, only serves a purpose a few days a year.

Husband and I have been gradually working on our joint home office (which you’re sort of getting a sneak peek of… it’s not totally done yet).

And I needed something to remind me daily of my love for the Browns… while also keeping myself organized. I’m kind of crazy, Type-A, a little over the top when it comes to organization.

When asked me to review their custom NFL calendar – I. Was. Pumped.

New wall candy for my office? YES PLEASE.

The website and the program were SUPER easy to use. Once I logged in, I was able to pick my NFL team (Cleveland Browns, duh), and then I could even pick what MONTH the calendar started AND I could pick what PLAYERS and what PHOTOS went on every month and even on the cover!

They also have a TON of other gear and swag for sports fans (of ALL sports) – like clothing, car accessories, and even school supplies!! GAH! The best.

Anyway. Back to the calendar.

So, I got to put my FAVORITE players on my favorite months. It was seriously so quick and easy – AND it was delivered FOUR days after I ordered it. WHAT?!

The quality is also REALLY amazing. The images have rich color and it just looks awesome. I love it.

I mean, check this baby out (tiny NFL helmet and tiny Browns truck not included… those are mine): And, well, since I live in the great state of North Carolina which is no where near Ohio, and no where near the television viewing area for the Browns, I have to watch the games on Sunday online…

Yeah, that’s me, at my desk, watching the Browns on my computer.

Also, notice how SWEET my new calendar looks on my wall:Right? Right.

In. Love.

This is me either cheering at a touchdown or crying because we turned the ball over. Most likely the latter of the two:No, but for real.

Showing off your team spirit has never been easier! Whatever team you root for and whatever sport they play, find the gear you need at Just in time for the holidays, you can get 30% off any purchase using the code “Clever30.” And while you’re there, be sure to enter to win $500 toward team gear in Ditka’s SportsFreak of the Week Contest!

Are you a Sports Freak? Do you have an undying love for a team that never returns the favor? Do you resort to fan gear for the loved one(s) in your life that loves sports?

I was selected for participation in this campaign as a member of Clever Girls Collective. All opinions are 100% my own – I really am a Browns fan… as hard as that is to believe.