1. Molly.

    I love you girl, but all that brown is making me nauseous. 😛

    From one die-hard NFL gal to another, I salute you for being one of the fun girls who actually know what they’re talking about when it comes to football. And I guess I can even overlook your love of the Browns since – well – as you said, they haven’t been good in awhile.

    But still. We play you next week. And all I have to say is….


  2. Ha! A Browns fan? I don’t know that I’ve met many to be honest! LOL! But I love this post Molly….very nicely done. It’s fun to get a sneak peek into your office and the calendar looks really cool (although it would be so much cooler if it are a Chicago Bears calendar! 🙂 )
    Btw, if you DO name your first born “adopting” then you need to credit me 🙂 LOL!
    xo – Marion

    1. haha i know, we Browns fans are a rare breed. and thank you so much! it was fun to put together! 🙂 haha I like the bears, too – so i can respect that! 🙂

      and hahahaha if i name my first born “Adopting” i will give them the middle name Marion just for you!

  3. I wish I was a bigger sports fan, but my family’s not really into it so I never really got into it either. I love the custom calendar though! It’s such a cool concept!

  4. Girl you know where my sports freak loyalty lies. And I know you don’t approve. But it’s in my blood and ill love those blue devils till I die!!!!!!!!

  5. Molly I cannot BE-lieve you are a Brown’s fan!?!? I live in the Cleveland area and as much as I try I cannot watch. My heart cannot be broken any more. My maiden name was Sipe! Everyone thought I was related to Brian and I may have let them think so. I was around for “The Drive”…remember that? I have a feeling it was before your time but I have to say we (I) have never recoverd. We have little snippits of greatness but it is always short lived. Maybe our new owner can create a miracle? I don’t know but until that happens I have vowed that I will watch again IF and ONLY IF Bill Belichick comes back and brings Tom Brady with him.

    1. oh girl, i know. to me it’s like a train wreck, i just can’t look away at this point. Ohhhh “The Drive”! wow. i do remember that. i am worried about this new owner – i mean, he’s a Steelers fan. this can’t end well.

  6. Haha you are totally a guys dream come true, Molly! I have to admit, I really don’t understand football, but I love going to games (and baseball games, and soccer games, and hockey games…). So I guess I could sort of be considered a fan?

    The Glossy Life

  7. This cracks me up!! I love your hardcore fandom. I’m an Auburn fan and my husband is an Alabama fan. In-state SEC rivalries do not work well. What’s worse? Auburn is having a MISERABLE season. So miserable, in fact, that people don’t even joke about it anymore because it is THAT bad. Alabama has been dominating last season and this season (with the exception of a loss against Texas A&M last weekend) so it makes it even worse. BUT, being a fan means you have to stay true regardless of the ups and downs. So, War Eagle.

    Oh, and with getting fan gear for my husband… won’t happen. Even though it would be the easiest gift to give him, I just can’t buy anything that is remotely related to the University of Alabama. Haha – is that terrible??…

    1. oh what?!?! talk about house divided!!!! and girl, don’t even get me started on rooting for a terrible team. that’s what i’ve been doing my whole life! 🙂 hahaha but seriously that’s hilarious! love the rivalry! 🙂

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