Me Jane. Me Tarzan.

November 17, 2012·

This is just a little blast from the summer of 2008 past…

There was this time in my life when I was a high school teacher. I loved it. It was actually an awesome job.

Well, this one time I, along with two other teacher friends of mine, chaperoned a field trip to Costa Rica.

What an amazing country.

Well, I have a fear… of heights. And like, dying.

And I did the Tarzan swing. You know, that thing where you jump off a platform like 200+ feet up in the air into the abyss… Holding onto a rope…

It was awesome and terrifying.

I totally didn’t want to do it, but I also didn’t want to TOTALLY chicken out in front of all my students. Right?

Have you ever done anything you TOTALLY were terrified to do and then right after you were like, “PHEW! That was awesome.” And felt like you just conquered the world?

‘naw mean?