1. My favorite part about Thanksgiving is definitely watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and then indulging in everything Christmas! LOVE this outfit, girl!
    xo TJ

  2. Bring on anything stretchy on Thursday!! I don’t even care if I look cute…I have one thing on my agenda and that is to EAT! 😉 You however, will look adorbs if that is what you are wearing….LOVES it!

  3. I can’t wait for Thanksgiving!!! I was just thinking how I’m probably going to be wearing leggings since I’ll be eating way too much food. This is the perfect Thanksgiving outfit and I’m loving your scarf. Canned cranberry sauce is definitely my favorite too!!


  4. Ooooh, girl, I will totally be rocking leggings and giant shirt/sweater combo on Thursday! Comfort is key and I like to fall asleep on the couch after eating and cleaning up, so jammie like clothing is necessary. 😉
    I looove that sweater!

  5. You always make me laugh! I can’t wait for Thanksgiving either…I totally can’t focus at work right now, which is why I’m commenting on blogs 🙂 LOVE that outfit Molly – so cute and cozy – that sweater is amazing!

    The Other Side of Gray

  6. Love love love the outfit! I got a cute new sweater-ish dress to wear with leggings for Thanksgiving day. My favorite part of Thanksgiving is being with my family! My sister, nieces and brother-in-law get here tomorrow and I CANNOT WAIT!!!

    Have a great week!

  7. You look so cute bundled up. The scarf and flyway cardigan are both so cute. Also, stop by my page when you have a chance. There is a little surprise there, for you. =)

  8. I hear you about the cranberry sauce. My mother in law makes cranberry sauce out of real cranberries. I think she’s missing the point because I’m pretty sure the pilgrims ate their cranberry sauce out of a can. And if it doesn’t have the ridges it’s just wrong. There’s just something so wholesome and natural about eat cranberry sauce with those neat little ridges. Chunky cranberry sauce is also just whack.

  9. What a CUTE outfit! I’m planning something similar for T-day…mostly so I can accomodate my leftover turkey sandwich babies. 🙂

    My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is watching football games with the family in our PJs while eating leftovers. Yum!

  10. I’m seriously in love with that white sweater! White is one of the colors that is lacking in my winter clothes, ironically! But this outfit is really cute and PERFECT for Thanksgiving, that I’m SO looking forward to! I don’t have my Thanksgiving’s outfit picked yet, but it will definitely between elastic waist jeggings or a super loose dress! Have a great week, Molly!


  11. I’m going to say this again because maybe if I do you will be brainwashed into actually doing it.


    ahem. okay. anyway.

    Girl, you get a TON of miles out of those riding boots, don’t you? I need a pair for Christmas, really. My problem is that I always buy pieces that I can’t necessarily stretch out over several different outfits. Case in point: my black fringe Enid boots. Womp womp.

    I do love the pop of purple in the sweater, too.

  12. I’m absolutely in love with this outfit, Molly! Probably one of my favorite fall outfits I’ve seen in the blogosphere. 😉 And I’m also obsessing over that scarf!

  13. These photos are STUNNING Molly! Seriously, the setting could not be more perfect…I wish my leaves still looked like this! Also, I’m kind of obsessed with the canned version of cranberry sauce. WITH the lines, of course!

    The Glossy Life

  14. Molly, that background is stunning and you look wonderful, friend! Awesome scarf and your hair is getting so long! And you are too funny – my girlfriends in college and I used to joke about wearing our “buffet pants” to holiday meals. Have a wonderful one!

  15. Love this outfit, especially the scarf! Comfy clothes are a MUST for Thanksgiving. I typically wear my favorite extra-stretchy jeans, but since we’re sticking at home this year, I might never get out of my yoga pants! 😉

  16. Sweet outfit! Love it! The scarf really pops. 🙂

    Ok, so we’re going to my husband’s family for Thanksgiving this year. I love them – I could never ask for greater in-laws than them. However, his mom is from the Philippines. When she moved to the USA to marry JD’s dad, she changed her entire lifestyle to American living – learned how to cook southern food and all. Still, our Thanksgiving is a little different around there. As in, we eat egg rolls and panset (noodles) and maybe some turkey. Haha – much different from my family’s traditional southern Thanksgiving meal, but still amazing! So, I’m looking forward to helping my sweet mother-law make egg rolls and them chowing down on them for lunch, dinner and the next couple of days after that. 🙂

  17. Love this outfit, especially the cardigan and scarf AND The fact that it can hid a food baby. I’m already carrying around a bit of one anyway so I’m definitely going to be wearing my jeggings (can’t believe I actually used that word) and a long sweater myself. My favorite T-day dish includes frozen broccoli, Ritz crackers and cheese whiz…classy. 😉

  18. You look so cute and cozy! Perfect for Thanksgiving 🙂 I love this holiday also – a day of eating, hanging out with family, and laughing?! Yes please!

  19. I am totally with you on the leggings or at least an elastic waste! ha. and I love canned cranberry sauce. It’s the only time of year I’ll eat it, but my favorite is putting it on a turkey sandwich the next day! But I think the one thing I look forward to most (as far as food), is mashed potatoes!

  20. I am SO with you on canned cranberry sauce – I could eat that stuff all day long. Why anyone bothers to make homemade is beyond me.

    Love the idea of a sweater over leggings for the feasting – perfect!

    Sea and Swank

  21. I love that scarf. I made homemade cranberry sauce last year, andddd I would have rather eaten the canned stuff. Therefore, no homemade this year! LOL Some times bad food tastes good.

  22. canned cranberry sauce (with the can lines) is also a staple at our house. I don’t want homemade or even the chunky canned kind. I want the smooth, yet slightly indented kind. thanks. 🙂 Enjoy your thanksgiving week!
    – Heather

  23. Love the sweater and the outfit is too cute. Love the cranberry story as well even if I’m not for one cranberry sauce.

    I would have to say that my favorite part of Thanksgiving is scalloped corn. Love scalloped corn. Spending time with family is good, too, but oh that corn 🙂

  24. Your outfit matches so perfectly with your scarf! My Thanksgiving will be a little quiet this year since my family is shrinking, but I’m still looking forward to all the food (and leftovers)!

  25. You crack me up! You know whats funny, I actually didn’t think twice about perusing the maternity section of Target the other day specifically for something to wear for Thanksgiving!

    LOVE the Ikat scarf! I’m kind of obsessed with Oooh Baby Designs now because of you!!!

  26. Love love love love love your outfit….such a great fall thanksgiving comfortable outfit. You gave me an idea with the leggings, b/c I’m tearing up some fried turkey and some Mac & cheese!!!! And I need nothing to restrict my full stomach. Have a great week and wonderful thanksgiving!!!!!

  27. You make me smile every time I stop in for a visit, Molly! So, thank you for that for sure!!! Loving the comfy-chic look you got goin’ on. I’ll be toasting you over my lined slice of cranberry sauce, all the way from Seattle. 🙂 ~Sarah

  28. Alright, I am just going to start this off by saying I luuuuv the color in this photo, the gorgeous fall back-scape and then your white cardigan is such a beautiful focal point for the pictures. Like wowza, your photography is rocking. (And can I talk about the beautiful lighting?) White is so gorgeous on you, it makes your skin glow and it shows off your beautiful eyes.

    Cranberry sauce is the best! I always have a little bit of everything and then a HUGE helping of cranberry sauce, I can’t get enough of the stuff. (In my defense, my mom makes the homemade stuff from the cranberries in our woods and that stuff is the bomb! We can it and just eat it all year round.)

  29. what? canned cranberry sauce! not in my house so anytime anyone serves me that stuff ill happily let you eat off my table, now i need to find some good Thanksgiving pants, Im thinking Santa pants in that Friends Thanksgiving episode, yup those will work!

  30. Um, who ISNT looking forward to Turkey Day? I’m stretching my stomach already in preparation..ALTHOUGH, if I had a loose coverup, that would be quite useful in the hiding of the foodbump

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