[GIVEAWAY] 8×10 Canvas Print from Printcopia!

November 20, 2012·

I am so SO SO excited to share today’s giveaway with y’all. The AMAZING and super awesome and helpful people at Printcopia are giving one of my fabulouso (yes, I just called you fabulouso) readers an 8×10 canvas print of his / her choice!

If you were to take one step into the Stillman home, you would be able to tell that one Stillman resident has an obsession with canvas prints. Yeah, I’m talking photos on a canvas. And yeah, that Stillman would be me. I have A LOT of them in our house.

Printcopia let me print my favorite pic of John and I with our pseudo-kids in Kenya on an 8×10 print and I just love it. It’s hanging above my desk as we speak. You may have seen it in the photos from my post last Friday.

Anywho. This is the print I got:

I am so obsessed with it. I’m obsessed with canvas prints in general because they are so classy looking and they really make your photos pop off the wall.

The canvas prints from Printcopia come with a hook already on the back of the canvas – and so it makes them super easy to hang. I actually have this 8×10 hanging just with a thumbtack. So I didn’t even use a nail or screw.

These larger canvas prints are not from Printcopia, they’re older, but I wanted to show the Printcopia one next to them to give you a point of reference for size, etc.

So no, an 8×10 print is not going to be a great “over-the-couch” print or “take-up-a-whole-freaking-wall” print, but it is a GREAT size for smaller applications like above your desk, among a larger gallery, etc.

And, because I am somewhat crazy, I have an ENTIRE PINTEREST board dedicated to “Photo Display Layouts” because I’m always looking for inspiration for how and where to hang photos.

Anywho, I have to say honestly, that for the price, Printcopia is a GREAT option for affordable, but well made canvas prints. You can even order prints directly from Facebook and Instagram. Printcopia also runs a lot of great specials and coupons ALL the time – so you can be guaranteed to get a greal deal, too. (They’ve got a BOGO deal going on right now – Buy One Canvas Get One FREE before the 25th!!)

And seriously, need a Christmas gift idea for anyone, really? A canvas print is pretty much a win. For real. Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa – THEY LOVE PICTURES. Especially ones of you. On a canvas. I’m just saying.

So yeah, enter the giveaway and get yo’self a canvas!


Happy Tuesday!


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