1. very cute and good for you for trying something new. Love the lace and you work it well with the leather to toughen it up. Thanks for joining up with Wardrobe Weds :o)

  2. You look so good and gorgeous with your fabulous outfit! Certified dainty biker chick! I will try this with myself. You got it girl!

  3. I love what you said about making it your own. Style is all about interpretation. I love your translation of Joanna’s look (dare I say, a bit more than hers?!), and the addition of the turtleneck adds another layer of sophistication. Glad to see the sock bun, you know I love that on you. Looking so adorbs as always, Molly! Way to take the risk, it paid off!!! ~Sarah

  4. I totally look at you as someone who can pull off anything, Molly! I’m so glad you tried the biker chic look out, because you look amazing! This is one of my favorite way to wear my leather jackets…girly accents are the perfect pairing!

    The Glossy Life

  5. I absolutely LOVE this outfit on you! Yi-chia has it right: you look even better than Joanna. I’ll admit that I’m very timid when it comes to “unapproachable trends.” Typically I wait until I find girly, feminine pieces that fit the style before trying it out. I need to become more adventurous!

  6. Molly, you look great! I love the mix of leather and lace. I think I will try it now for myself! And I think that your killer high bun makes it dainty, sophisticated, biker chick! Oh to have your hair….. 🙂

  7. Dainty Biker Chic for sure. I cannot say that I would wear the look, but you pull it off great (a little better than the one that inspired it really). I cannot say that I really follow “Fashion” so to speak, I tend to just wear what I think is cute and that I think I can pull off. Then I just make it mine (usually…okay, always with cowboy boots).

  8. Oh yes, dainty biker chic. (I love the mental image that comes with it, of a some old grizzled biker daintily holding out his pinkie in a tea parlor while munching on some cucumber sandwiches.) I am in love with this outfit, it is so something that I would wear, it’s amazing how versatile a lace dress can be! (So, so cool with the leather jacket and the booties, I really like the black booties and tights together, they make your legs look long!) This is gorgeous and you so can pull this off!

  9. I’m loving this look! I think I might try it out myself! 🙂 I have the lace dress, the leather jacket, the boots, the tights. I just need a cute belt like that and some accessories. I’ll be on the lookout this black friday for some. Thanks for the fashion inspiration!

    With Love,

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