High Five for Casual Insta-Friday!

November 23, 2012·

It has been a whirlwind of a week, that’s for sure. And this is one of those weeks where I’m glad I have a blog so I can write down some of what went on, so you know, I can remember it later. And whatnot.

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1. I’m featured in the latest print edition of US News & World Report! They contacted me a few months ago to feature me and my story of getting out of debt, but I wasn’t sure if it would happen or not so I didn’t say anything to anyone about it. Well, sure enough, there she is. You can get a copy at pretty much any Barnes & Noble, airport newsstand, or any place they sell lots of magazines.

2. The only good part about doing laundry? Getting buried in the warm clothes right out of the dryer. Yep, I’m under there… with the dog, Tater.

3. I am SO EXCITED about decorating for Christmas! It’s my first Christmas as a wife with a house! Check out the cute stockings I got for us and the dogs! 🙂

4. I CUT MY HAIR. I know, I know. I loved it long, too. But honestly, it was SO LONG and so unruly and I hadn’t cut it in like five years… it was time. So, I cut off 12 inches and I’m donating it to Wigs for Kids!

Here’s the BEFORE:

Here’s the AFTER:

*sigh* no more sock buns for a while…

5. Just a little Happy Thanksgiving from the Stillmans! Love my little family. <3

What are YOU celebrating this week? Happy Friday!

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