1. I love this!! Our tree is the same way – a mish mash of ornaments collected over my entire life that each mean something! My hubby is Hindu, but loves being a part of Christmas, so since we’ve been together we’ve been collecting ornaments that are OURS!

  2. agreed. I love ornaments with a story! Especially the ones my mom would buy me over the years, there is a Cabbage Patch Kids angel, a little fishing lady (from the 1st time my dad took me fishing) and so many other great ones! I can’t wait to get our tree this coming weekend ;0

  3. I also do mismatched ornaments! For now, since my husband and I rent a very small house, I do two small trees (one for me, one for him). He’s a hunter and a fisherman so I have decorated his tree in those styles. Mine has Barbie, Lilly Pulitzer, cupcakes, etc. on it. Someday I’ll combine it all on a big tree.

  4. First off, you look GORGEOUS in that first photo. I love trees that look couture, but I don’t have the heart to not put out all the ornaments that mean something. My mom gave me the ornament from my VERYFIRSTCHRISTMASEVER and how do I not put that out, plus ones from college, and ones that we’ve bought over our years dating and it just makes me love my tree. I cant wait to put it up…eventually.

  5. I’m so happy that you had a lovely Thanksgiving, it’s always so fun to spend time with family. And I love your tree decorating style, we do the same thing, lots of mis-matched items but all special. (Although, those perfectly decorated trees are always so pretty. The family I stayed with partly through collage did that and they’re tree was always stunning and it was always fun to put up.) Your tree is so sweet, we haven’t gotten ours up yet but one of these days! 🙂

  6. I love the mismatched tree! That is what the Christmas tree is all about, memories! My favorite is my NSYNC ornament from 2000. I still hit play every time I walk by the tree 🙂

  7. Our tree is a mish-mash of our childhood ornaments, too. And when we started dating we started the tradition of picking up an ornament everywhere we visited together so its always fun to pull those out as we decorate each year.

  8. I your tree and the fact that it has a story. I like a tree that represents who I am. The ornaments on my little tree match only because it was given to me as a birthday gift already decked out with the ornaments. Some day I hope to have a bigger tree with a story.

  9. This makes me miss getting a real tree- we’ve used a fake one the past four or so years. We actually have Christmas trees growing in my backyard, but they’re now too tall to fit in our house!

  10. The second year my boyfriend (now Husband) and I celebrating Christmas together, Hallmark came out with a “Mischievous Cats” ornament. It’s a series that is still running. Each year I get the new ornament- #13 this year. It’s the easiest way to keep up with how long we’ve been together- just add a year to the ornaments. And it’s the sweetest reminder of our life together and how sentimental he is <3

  11. I would love a tree with coordinated ornaments. However since most of our stuff is almost 14 years old and was purchased back when we were newlyweds (and poor) and coordinated trees weren’t nearly as accessable back then what I have is not coordinated. But still lovely and filling up with memories thanks to our little guy. 🙂
    We are looking forward to getting our decorations up this weekend. 🙂

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