Holiday Party Style: Care for Some Sequins?

November 29, 2012·

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I. Love. Sequins. I mean, in all honesty and in my humble opinion, you can wear sequins ANY day of the year. However, the HOLIDAYS are the PERFECT time of year for us to bust out those sequins you’ve been saving.

I have gotten a lot of questions from friends and readers in the last few weeks about “What to wear” to those holiday parties this year. Now, there is no shortage of “holiday / Christmas party” ideas out there on the interwebs and especially in fashion blogs. So why would my ideas be any different?

The honest answer? I have no clue. But I’m going to share a few ideas with you over the next few weeks anyhow. That cool with y’all?

So, today’s particular look could be worn to a couple of different types of parties:

  • The fun / snazzy party hosted by fun / snazzy people
  • The party your friends are hosting
  • The work party that isn’t full of “suits” -you know the party I’m referring to… it’s a total judgement call for this one.

Now, I will only ever wear this dress with tights. And I only remove the blazer in extreme heat-indoors situations.

My reasoning for this is three-fold:

  1. This dress is on the shorter side and the tights (that are NON-see through) help to keep some modesty to the look. I am just not comfortable showing my legs with this dress and nor will I ever be. But that’s me, personally.
  2. It’s winter time and it’s cold. Tights keep me warm. As does the blazer.
  3. The dress is a shift dress and so the blazer helps to not only bring some “structure” to the outfit, but it also helps make it less POW. You know what I mean. It tones the look down. Also, I am not comfortable showing my arms at this juncture.I’m a nutcase.

Also, I will say this: YES, you can wear tights with open-toed shoes! When done right, it can actually add a bit of fun to the look!

So, what do you think? Are you a sequin lover like myself? Do you wear sequins year round or only during the holidays? What type of party would YOU wear this look to?


The First Annual triFABB and Poppy Magazine Holiday Party is THIS SATURDAY at Clothes Hound in Raleigh, North Carolina! Details below and on the triFABB website! Come on out! It’s going to be a BLAST! Wear your snazziest outfit. Sequins encouraged.

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