[TUTORIAL] DIY Book / Paper Christmas Wreath… thing

November 30, 2012·

Changing things up on this lovely November Friday. I did this little project last weekend and I was actually surprised and how much I loved the way it turned out, so I thought I’d share it with y’all!

So, last weekend when I was at my in-laws after Thanksgiving, we did some shopping at a few “resource” type stores. Well, I came across this adorable recipe and wine cork paper wreath:

I LOVED it. But it was $50. WHAT?! $50? I thought, I could make this. Right? Right.

So, here’s a little tutorial for you. Oh, and this project? Cost me $0.75 cents. Yeah, really. (Now, not including the items I already owned).

Supplies Needed:

  • Glue gun
  • Book of choice
  • Twine / rope / cording
  • Piece of card board
  • Doilies or really anything you want to put in the center
  • Scissors
  • Duct Tape
  • Diet Coke*
  • *optional

The only thing I purchased was the book, which I got for $0.75 cents at a used book store. Now, I chose this book because it has colorful, thick pages… AND I have this exact same book and I read it growing up. But I couldn’t bear to tear the pages out of a book I’ve had since childhood.

So, I would say, choose a book that you feel okay tearing the pages out of. Hit up a used book store. Don’t tear up that childhood memory.

Plus, I not only love the colorful pages (which makes a colorful wreath), but I love that it’s a Bible story that I could even use throughout the year. You know, because the Message never changes. Right? Right. 🙂

1. Anyway, once I removed some of the pages, I started rolling the pages into a cone shape and then hot gluing the bottom of the cone like so:

2. On the square piece of cardboard, I just started flattening out the glued bottoms of the paper cones and glueing them down in a circular pattern like so:

3. Once I had a good base layer, I just started eye-balling it, filling in the gaps, and adding layers of paper cones to the bottom layer like so:

4. Then, once I got the layers to a level I liked, I needed something to go in the center. So, I took a couple extra doilies I had lying around (which I’d originally bought a long time ago at Michael’s for $1 a piece). So, I made the doilies into a flower and glued it to the center like so:

5. Now, to hang it… really any way will work, but I cut some twine and used a staple gun to staple it to the cardboard. That didn’t work as well so I just got out some trust duct tape and that did the trick… like so:

And voila! You have a complete wreath! You could hang it on your front door like so:

Tangent: this was going on whilst making my wreath. I die of cuteness overload:

In the end, I actually opted to hang the wreath on the wall in our living room. I have a live wreath for our front door, and this one ended up being the perfect touch for our wall!

So, have you done any similar projects lately? What would you love to make a wreath out of?

Happy Friday!

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