1. I think this look is cute on you! I definitely have to say that Veronica Corningstone is coming back! And I just bought those shoes today! Love them!

  2. LOVE the new hair Molly! I know that it sometimes takes a little getting used to…but it is super cute and it kinda looks like it was made for your bone structure.
    And LOL at the Veronica reference. I love the 70’s.
    xo – Marion

  3. I would totally take my news from you lady! I think you look great – did you curl it with your flatiron? That was the best trick that I learned for styling my short hair.
    So jealous for your triFAB meet ups, I just realized that you started that group… I’m trying to get something started like that here in Nashville… so you might be getting an email from me soooon 🙂

  4. LOVE that necklace. Ive been looking for one similar for quite some time so I will have to check out her shop. 🙂


  5. oh yes a brunette version of veronica corningstone, i saw the post title and i was like where and why does that sound familiar and then you said anchorman! still very much liking the cut on you ms molly

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