Blazers, Argyle, + Being an Introvert

January 2, 2013·

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{{Blazer: Ann Taylor (old)
{{Argyle Vest: JCrew (old, similar)
{{Turtleneck: JCrew (old, similar)
{{Necklace: JCrew warehouse sale
{{Jeans: Gap
{{Clutch: The Pink Azalea Boutique

I’ve probably taken those Myers Briggs tests 20 times in my life or so. For the first part of my life, I always registered as an extrovert. But, as I’ve gotten older, I’m more and more registering as an introvert. The last time I took the test I was an INFJ and honestly, I think that’s pretty dang accurate.

I mean, I’m definitely an extroverted person in that I have no problem meeting people or talking to strangers or putting myself out there. But when it comes down to where I “draw my energy” from, without a doubt, I’m an introvert.

I’d much rather spend the night in watching a good movie or reading a good book than anything else. If I’m feeling drained or I’m feeling like I need an energy boost – that usually means I need a nap or just some solo-quiet time.

I also have absolutely no shame in going to a restaurant or a movie by myself. Does that make me weird? Ah, whatever.

What about you? Where do you draw your energy from? Have you ever taken those “personality” tests? Would you go to a movie or restaurant alone?

Never thought you’d read about my personality type in a post that also contains photos of a super frat-tasticly preppy outfit. Am I right?

Just a random thought.

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