1. Hey girl!! Loved your post on Southern Shopaholic and was so pleased with your whole blog!! I’m happy to say I’m your newest follower!

    xo, Jordan

  2. This is really great but I am SO bad at it!

    Denim jacket. Bought three this year and returned three this year. I wonder if they are just not cut well for my shape anymore. I had one for years and years.

    Two shirts. I would die of heat stroke. Love it on you every time you do it, though.

    Scarves. I am self conscious the entire time I wear one. I’m doing it because people tell me I should but I still feel weird and a smidge claustrophobic.

    I’m trying!

    1. hahahahah you are hilarious. you can do it! i know you can!! and it’s all just a matter of what kind of jacket you get, what kind of shirts you’re wearing, and how you style the scarf. it takes some finessing but you can do it!!

  3. This is spectacular!!! You have helped lots of ladies out there with this one!!! High five, sister kitty!! Annnnnd, did you know that you are #29 on Bloglovin’s up and coming fashion bloggers???? Holla!!

  4. You are an A++ layerer, so naturally these are great tips! I always feel like I look too “bulky” when I try and layer for some reason. Frustrating!

  5. Texas weather is a little crazy, as well. It can be freezing in the morning and hot in the afternoon. Layering is key to my wardrobe. We all need a little brushing up tutorial every now and then. Great post.

  6. Thank you so much for this post!! I just found your blog while googling — fashion blogs and I’m so happy this is the first post I saw since I’m going on a trip where layering will be absolutely key. 🙂 I’m definitely following.

    Have a fabulous day! xx
    – Danielle

  7. LOVE! I love to Layer! It’s my fav, that’s about the only thing I enjoy about the winter. If it only lasted 1 month I’d be fine with that! Love the Post Molly! Great Job!

  8. Love this post! Marissa, Ashley, Margo and I are teaming up to do some style challenges this year and the one for this month is layering! I will definitely link to this post in my future post.

  9. I think everyone in NC needs to read this…lawd knows they need some help in this department!!! You have broken it up into perfectly understandable steps…… Loves it!!!!
    Brooke @ what2wear

  10. Yes, light jackets are a must. (Well, I’m not sure how it goes down towards Florida and stuff, 70s during the winter sounds pretty nice. But anyone in the middle, light jackets are awesome!) Scarves are also a really great way to start layering if you’re worried about being too out there, I know when I first started to “stylishly” layer, aka not put on everything I owned, I was really nervous about venturing out of my comfort zone and scarves were such a great way to take that first step. (Plus, they’re usually cheap. )

    And you tell it girl! There is no reason to spend $200 on a denim jacket when there is so many to be found at the thrift store! (Or old navy or target.)

  11. What great tips. I hate layering for that reason. In Florida it’s about 70 outside but people freak out and put the heat on. It’s really annoying and I have no idea how to dress for it. These tips are going to be put use soon.

    Thanks for sharing,

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