1. My husband and I don’t have cable and we LOVE it!! We watch so much less TV and spend time actually getting things done and enjoying each other. Plus, it leaves room in the budget for a night out at a nice restaurant or more money in our house fund or something that we enjoy much more than those hours of mindless TV. We do have Netflix and get the basic channels with our antenna so we can watch the news and The Office 🙂 We tried Hulu Plus for a couple of months and it wasn’t worth it to us. It was mostly TV shows that we can watch for free online, and what wasn’t already available online were things we weren’t interested in. Good luck!

  2. I cut cable about 3.5 years ago and I’ve never looked back. I watch a handful of shows on hulu and rent movies from the library and redbox occasionally. I fill my time with other things, and have more time for fun hobbies, reading, DIY projects, and my art and small business on etsy now. GO FOR IT!

  3. I love this outfit! And I love your little baby bump!!! We haven’t considered canceling our cable but I think if we got Apple TV I would be for it. We should probably do that anyway, given that we have all apple products in our house!

  4. Mike and I haven’t had cable since we’ve been married (2 1/2 yrs) and I haven’t had cable in probably 4 or 5 years. We’re like you guys…we just don’t watch a lot and since you have Netflix you can catch up if need be. We missed it at first but you get used to it. We go to the Library a lot and rent free movies.

  5. Love the outfit! We have never had cable. We could just never justify the expense. We don’t watch a lot of TV but what we do we can watch on Hulu or Netflix. We are thinking about getting a Roku though.

  6. We cut the cable cord and LOVE it! All our favorite shows are still either on Hulu (streamed through the XBox) or online. We figured we save almost $700 a year! That’s a mini-vacay to Asheville! (In the summer of course, when the heat is stifling and we are craving some cool. Not really now. I’d probably turn into an ice cube.) Good luck! It felt like we’d miss it alot, but now that it’s gone we find ourselves reading for fun again (gasp!) and having more conversations and things. It’s very nice.

  7. I’ve gone without cable for a couple years when I was living on my own because its so expensive! I had Internet access though so I used Netflix and Hulu to watch all my favorite shows, and I feel like I didn’t waste any time watching mindless television.

  8. Love all the colors here Molly! I was the same way, my baby bump was there I swear overnight! I could not wear regular clothes before the end of my 1st trimester.

    Back in the day when I had no $$$, I lived without cable and was fine. We now have AppleTV and cable with HBO & Starz. I still hardly watch any TV but my hubby insist on needing on the sports channel. I would say go ahead & give it a try. If you need it, they will offer a bunch of specials to sign back up.


  9. We got rid of cable this year and it was a great decision! We have hulu plus to watch a few of the shows we don’t want to give up on. It saved us money, but I also feel like I’m not tied to the tv all the time anymore. I don’t have to be home by a certain time to make sure I don’t miss a favorite show. I can watch it whenever I want. I also seem to be watching a lot less tv that way, so it frees me up for other fun or productive things. Super cute outfit, by the way!

  10. You pull of this greens perfectly. I’m not sure if I can pull them off as great, but it is a cute outfit. You can barely tell you were freezing 🙂

    As far as cable, I’ve lived without before. That was back before Netflix, but I was renting movies regularly. Right now I have it, but I got the cable bill today and it has gone up yet again and so I have no choice but to cut the cable cord this time. I’m procrastinating only because I have a contract until March and my favorite addiction is not shown online. I think that it is a necessary evil to cancel and that my life will probably improve just a bit. I rely on TV too much to fill the noise and should probably go back to listening to music more often than I do.

  11. We haven’t had cable in years. We have access to both Netflix and July through our xbox. So for around $25 a month we have everything we need entertainment -wise. 🙂

  12. I’m thinking about cutting out cable to have more moneys to save for the wedding…how do you like your Apple TV? I was actually thinking of getting that instead….it would amount to less than one month’s cable costs. I just don’t know how it works.

  13. I lived without cable for a few years, and it was fine. You quickly don’t notice. I have it again now but only because with the wireless Internet package I got it only ended up being an extra $5 a month. I could absolutely live without it again. Movie rentals are way more entertaining when you don’t have cable, btw! 🙂
    Also, you are SO cute prego! Yeay Phi Mu legacy! (Maybe!)

  14. we didn’t have cable for the last year and half because it got so expensive. our yearly deals they gave us year and year ended and we cancelled. We had hulu plus and netflix and it honestly was fine! but we just got cable to weeks ago because we switched providers and it was only $20 more than what we were paying for internet and basic channels. I do like having it back!! but we lived just fine!! I hear you on the awkward stage – ready for that bump! you look adorable though and are one stylish pregnant woman regardless of the awkward stage!

  15. We have AT&T Uverse which is a lot cheaper than Time Warner, we got tried of how crazy expensive they are. I also have Amazon Prime which has a lot of free shows and movies and the ones that are not free are reasonably priced. It cost $79 for a year membership but along with it you get free shipping on amazon and other incentives.

  16. So I am pretty much head over heels in love with this outfit! When it no longer fits, you can send it my way, I’ll keep it warm for you!

    I think you have a precious little baby bump. It definitely doesn’t look like a food baby to me!

  17. We didn’t have cable when we first got married. It was fine until we ran-out of TV shows/movies we liked on Netflix. We have Fiber now, but when we move to our new house {hopefully soon} we will have to switch to Cable and pay an extra $40+ dollars a month for the same stuff. I’ve been debating pulling the plug again, but I like my TV shows way to much to cut them off again. I guess we just have to bite the bullet and pay more for cable so we don’t have to deal with Direct TV or Dish. And don’t worry, you have a cute baby bump!! Congrats again!!!!

  18. We didn’t have cable when we first got married. It was fine until we ran-out of TV shows/movies we liked on Netflix. We have Fiber now, but when we move to our new house {hopefully soon} we will have to switch to Cable and pay an extra $40+ dollars a month for the same stuff. I’ve been debating pulling the plug again, but I like my TV shows way to much to cut them off again. I guess we just have to bite the bullet and pay more for cable so we don’t have to deal with Direct TV or Dish. And don’t worry, you have a cute baby bump!! Congrats again!!!!


  19. Look at that little bump!! Oh my goodness!! And girl, I gained 12lbs in 12 weeks with my first!! It tapers off towards the end. You are glowing!! And if you have Apple TV, I would totally cut the cord!! 🙂

  20. Hey Molly, I have Time Warner too and hate it. We (me and the boyfriend) lived for 2 years without Cable and just used Netflix and regular Hulu (aka NOT Hulu Plus). We also don’t watch much TV and I LOVE not having TV. Without TV, we didn’t find ourselves bored, instead we did a greater variety of things and just had more fun. Once this year with TWC is up, it’s getting the boot! Your baby bump is really cute btw 🙂

  21. I would love to cut the cable but the husband would kill me. He watches so many sports, and many of them you can’t get online. Otherwise, I think it’d be easy to do!!!

  22. Look how cute you are!! And get ready because this stage is going to last a while! No one ever tells you that before you get pregnant.

    YES- We cut our cable! We have a Roku that we use for Netflix and Hulu Plus. We also have Amazon Prime so we do that one too. We got really lucky because after we stopped our service and handed in our box we plugged our TV into the wall and still got like 70 channels. Weird. But honestly, we rarely watch them. The hubs however was very grateful for this small blessing during football season!

  23. We cut cable in October & I don’t miss that almost $200 cable bill AT ALL! I do miss some shows but I usually go to a friends house or moms house to watch if it really is that important. I absolutely love Netflix & Hulu! It really is a money saver & I’d rather spend $20 a month on Netflix & Hulu. 🙂


  24. My husband and I got rid of cable 1.5 years ago and don’t miss it! It’s too expensive and as long as you have internet you will have plenty of entertainment. We also have an antenna on our TV so we still have all the networks so we really don’t miss it and are definitely glad we aren’t paying for it! Go for it and cut out the cable!

  25. We are also considering cutting cable. We have TWC and I have never loathed a cable company so much. You can get a digital antennae, instead of rabbit ears. You can get one on Amazon and you would pick up more basic channels. Let us know what you decide. I need a little push off the edge on this decision.


  26. I got rid of cable months ago and I haven’t missed it once. And I watch a lot of tv. Netflix has sooo many shows available, and if you’re really into new network shows, they’re available on the network website for free (in most cases).

    And I wouldn’t bother with HuluPlus. It’s not that different from Netflix, costs the same, and you can watch network shows free (usually).

  27. Do it! My husband and I have lived without cable for three years. It is such a big savings! We pay $8 a month for Netflix and the occassional few dollars a month if we really want to see a movie from Redbox. You would be amazed how many shows are on the big providers (abc, nbc, cbs). We rarely watch tv and this has definitely got us moving around the house and not turn into couch potatoes 🙂 Good luck!

  28. I cut the cable cord- like you, I was a netflix/apple TV home. But now the hubs wants it back because he misses Sportscenter. But here’s the thing. We’ve been noticing- we are only watching the same network tv and the same 5 channels we had prior to bringing cable back into our lives. We’re thinking of saving the money again and just going back to netflix. After all, (my students and coworkers tell me all the time) – you can just watch everything online anyway! Hope this helps!

    Understated Classics

  29. yes. cut your cable!!!!!! we save so much money and i see anything and everything i want (and too much more) on hulu or netflix. i am NOT a fan of TWC and their monopoly of this area. its ridiculousness how sneaky they are at increasing your bill and then you call and complain and they offer it for like $5 a month and then next thing you know it creeps back up to $70. i would rather pay hulu $7 forever than TWC offer me anything for free at this point.

  30. You and your baby bump are so cute!

    I haven’t had cable since before I got married (about 5 years) and we really haven’t missed it at all. I’m sure we’ll probably never get it just because it’s been so nice not to have to think about paying for it! We have local channels and Netflix and that’s about all we need. We had Hulu plus for a while, but honestly we didn’t like it very much. We watch old t.v. shows on Netflix and current ones on the regular Hulu (you can watch about 5 shows back during the current seasons), that way we don’t have to worry about catching certain shows the days they are on. I do wish we had HGTV, but you can watch most of their shows online. Also, it is annoying when a certain football game is only on ESPN, but we can usually watch on ESPN3 (online!).

    Sorry that was so long – just thought I would give you some input on how we make it work!

  31. I feel ya girl, it hurt to go outside yesterday. Look how cute you are pregnant!! I’ve heard most people say they felt the best during their pregnancy, I hope this is the case for you too. In regards to cable, we’ve thought about dropping it before too. I just never watch TV so it doesn’t affect me any. I think my husband could have entertained himself with video games and internet, but we never did it. I guess the biggest thing would be the importance of sport events and live shows. I think that’s where he would have really missed the cable. I did a free trial of HULU plus once and it was great, you definitely wouldn’t be missing many current shows.

  32. We went without cable for 2 years and it really wasn’t bad! We used my husband’s PS3 to watch Hulu+, Netflix, and Amazon Instant Video Prime (if you’re not on this, DO IT! Especially if you’re getting rid of cable!). We upgraded to satellite this past fall and while it’s not as expensive as cable, sometimes I feel like we should get rid of that again. The one thing I would miss is just being able to turn on the TV for background noise… without cable you always have to “select” something to watch, and you can’t just flip it on. I think we would also miss sports, HGTV, and the news. BUT it totally saves money and is worth it if you don’t watch too much TV!!

  33. I’m loving the little baby bump shots here! And that top is fab. As for cable, my roommate and I still have it, but it’s getting SO expensive. I want to cut the cord!

  34. I haven’t had cable for going on 4 years now! At first, I really missed all the trashy shows, but now, it’s kind of nice being one of those smug people who gets to say, “oh, I never watch reality tv” (they don’t have to know it’s because I don’t have cable!)

    Netflix and Hulu are awesome for catching up on the shows I do love and we have bunny ears, so we get about 8 broadcast channels. Plus, when I go out of town or stay somewhere with cable, it’s an added treat, like getting ice cream with sprinkles AND oreos.

    I say cut the cord!

  35. Look at you with your cute little bump! I remember when my pants starting fitting too tight…I was wearing maternity jeans early also, but then I had a few weeks when the bloat went away and I could fit in my regular jeans again…but that of course didn’t last long. 🙂 We got rid of our cable for awhile and bought a Roku box to use Netflix. We watch a lot of Netflix…it is really great for children because you can watch so many shows and no commercials. 🙂 It will most definitely be your friend during middle of the night feedings too!

  36. We got rid of cable and haven’t regretted it at all. The one thing I miss is being able to pause live TV so we can skip the commercials which you have to watch on hulu. But it actually makes more time for talking and we just aren’t watching any new TV shows anymore (that we weren’t already hooked on before we got rid of cable!)

  37. Molly, you are looking beautiful with your mini baby bump! YAY! Oh no, I can never get rid of cable. I confess that I watch way too much tv and I just can’t stop. Plus, my husband watches every sporting event possible. We use Verizon Fios and it’s seriously the best (internet, cable, and phone). I’m sure whatever you guys decide, you’ll make it work. 🙂

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  38. Theheh i told you that little bump would do cray things to your body….. I think you are glowing! And yes, do it! We only have Netflix and Hulu….. Once you are a mommy you will NEVER be able to watch shows when they actually air bahahah 🙂
    Brooke @ what2wear

  39. We actually didn’t have cable until our first son was born … as in, we didn’t even have a cable hookup at all. I think we called for a solid year to two different cable companies (there was one servicing one side of our road, and another servicing the other side, and neither wanted to meet in the middle). Then, one day, my husband found a cable connector thing in the yard and came inside, crazy-eyed, saying “SOMEONE HAS CABLE!!” It was pretty hilarious. We got cable right after I went on maternity leave, which was almost 6 years ago. (we didn’t have internet at that point, so I really needed something to do while I was home for almost two months)

    And then we cut the cord (love that pun, haha!) when we were pregnant with our third child, our daughter. As cable-crazed as we were, we haven’t looked back. We actually don’t have Netflix or anything like that. We use our antenna/receiver box thingy if we want to watch tv or we rent from Red Box. And we have a crazy big dvd collection, so we don’t really ever want for something to watch. We don’t miss it at all, and I don’t regret cancelling it. We use that money for more important things.

    I say do it!

  40. I think my stomach is bigger than that now, and I’m not preggo! LOL.
    As for cable, I can not live without it. I enjoy watching HGTV, Cooking Channel, DIY network, Food Network, BET lol. Lately, I’ve fallen into the free trial of HBO/Cinemax and I love the show “Girls.” Granted, if I learned to live w/o cable, I’d probably get more reading done and save a ton of money!

    I despise TWC as well. I believe I was one of the first people in my area to sign up for ATT Uverse. While it is not cheap anymore, it was cheap when I first signed up (introductory pricing) and it is much better than TWC. No contract. The wait times when you call are short. The internet is fast! I actually get all of the mbps I pay for as opposed to TWC.

    So it may be something to look into if you’re looking for a basic package!

  41. ok, so my absolute favorite part of this outfit is the red toms. so cute with all those colors.

    also, we haven’t ever had cable and honestly we don’t even notice it. except sometimes for sports but there are plenty of ways to see sporting events we really care about. so i say GO FOR IT. we use twc for internet though and now THERE is something i wish we could get rid of…we aren’t big fans of theirs either. but i’m guessing we’ll never cut that cord.

  42. Ugh, I totally know the stage you’re talking about. It’s so annoying. I keep telling people I’m pregnant so they don’t think I binged over Christmas and gained 10 pounds! and finding things to wear is no fun because you already feel self-conscious and you just wanna look like yourself if you don’t feel like yourself. I relied on too-big pants for a while 🙂
    We’ve gone without cable for about 2 years now. Honestly, I don’t miss it except when there’s a game I want to watch. I miss having baseball on in the evenings in the summer, so we’ve been looking for good deals on a very basic cable package. We tried several antennas too, but we’re in a bad area that only picks up like one channel with an antenna . If you won’t miss sports or have good friends nearby to watch those kinds of things with, then go for it. We rely on Hulu/ABC online, etc. and Redbox deals for our TV entertainment.

    1. hahahah yeah! it’s definitely an awkward stage for sure!!

      that’s AWESOME you guys have been cable-free for two years. you give me hope. i will definitely let you know if we decide to go without it!

  43. Great layers – love the aztec print… and yay for baby bump pics, I LOVE IT! I”m surprised you actually have a landline! I work for Verizon Wireless so all day long I’ll tell you to save money and that all you really needs is your wireless phone… do it! Baby needs a new pair of shoes 🙂

    Pearls & Paws

  44. Oh my goodness!!! I say the same thing about my lack of a baby bump. When people ask if I’m showing yet, I say no, it just looks like I ate a lot of pizza. How are you feeling?

  45. I haven’t had cable for almost two years and I hardly ever miss it! With hulu plus and netflix all the shows I watch are covered. The only time I miss it is when an award show is on or like the olympics. I would definitely recommend it.


  46. We cut the cable cord this summer and never looked back! I never realized how little we weren’t watching cable that now I am sickened we paid for it as long as we did! We have a Roku with Netflix and the option of Hulu Plus, Amazon, etc should we need it, but for now we get by with our local channels and Netflix. And we are loving the extra $$ each month!

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