Molly's Money: Reader Questions - How do you limit shopping or what to do when you see that "limited edition" item?


  1. I love this post! Your tips are spot on! I need to work on more self control! I too have been obsessing over a MK watch. I need to go check out Target!!

  2. I agree 100% about saving your money for that splurge item. I saved for months and months for my Christian Louboutins I recently bought. That was months of not buying anything, and I put all my Christmas money toward them. It’s a great way to make you feel ok about spending so much money on one item. And it could also put things in perspective to help you determine if you really want that item.

  3. oh i love this…..i am really working on this to try to pay down some credit card debt… new favorite thing to do is walk around the mall and snap pics of my favorite items….when I get home I ask myself….”do I have anything in my closet that I can DIY to look like those items?” recycling clothes has become a new addiction…..also, I’ve recently become addicted to thrifting!
    brooke @ what2wear

  4. I totally think you’re right. About everything, but especially your answer to my question, where you said that maybe saving is the answer (besides the do I really need it questions, etc). I realize that as soon as I start saving for something “big” I oftentimes lose interest after awhile. Which is great because I have that money saved! And saving to buy something makes it mean so much more to me!!

  5. Great advice Molly. I’ve had my eye on anything Tory Burch forever, but I’m trying to hold off. It is true if you don’t take any means of spending with you somewhere it does make it easier (obviously, but you know what I mean). One time I forgot my wallet when I was out with a friend, and I didn’t even have the desire to buy anything because I knew there was no possible way I could!

  6. Great tips Molly! I’ve also realized that having a concrete date to buy things makes savings a lot easier. Prior to engagement, we saved money here and there but now that the ring is around, we’re DEAD serious about savings. I walked straight in and out of a Target spending less than $15 now. You’re right, it’s completely about self control and budgets!

  7. This is such good info that we try to live by {most of the time}. We were out of debt except our house until our 2nd child was in the hospital. We got 2 small loans to help with all the expenses and haven’t paid them off yet. We will pay them in full in the next month or two after we find out how much we owe in taxes. We did some “grief” spending after he passed that I don’t regret at all and we didn’t go any further in debt and still buy to feel a little better now and then. Its minor things like a clearance purse, top or toy for the kids. 🙂 This is a great series and I really hope people get as much out of it as they should!!!
    Hailey @ Love, Laughter and Lipstick

  8. I have a certain number that I don’t like to go below in my bank account. If I’m over at the end of the month, it goes into savings. If I’ve been saving a lot recently and I notice I have some money I could part with, I’ll typically buy some bigger priced item that I’ve been longing for (that’s how I got my MK watch!)
    The trick is to never buy the first one I see. I hunt TJ Maxx, Marshalls, outlet shoppes and a million websites before I make the purchase. If something still seems to expensive, the idea gets tabled again until the price goes down and I just keep an eye out for the future and hope I have the money then.
    I do fall into the leasurely shopping trap sometimes, but I often go in saying “okay. $20 and that’s all”. When I only have 20 bucks on a shopping trip I tend to be more picky. A $20 shirt doesn’t seem worth it anymore unless I really can’t live without it!
    Great tips!
    With Luck

  9. Blogging is so hard sometimes, because there’s so much shopping inspiration EVERYWHERE. Seriously, I’m pretty sure I walk away from posts numerous times a day thinking I “need” something else. I’ve been trying to be really good about my spending, but you’re right–it totally boils down to self control. For me, it helps to keep in mind something bigger I’m saving up for–currently a new lens for my Cannon and a girls trip to Miami!

  10. Self control is one of the hardest things to overcome in regards to spending/budgeting/getting out of debt! I’ve realized that just getting out of debt didn’t solve my problems — I was the main problem! I do all the things you mentioned, especially avoiding Target. And Goodwill. Thrifting is my weakness.

  11. Love the advice about saving and realizing you don’t really need it! Also with the latest “gadget” like cell phones and cameras! There will ALWAYS be a newer model out there. Literally always. I try to remind myself that the latest and greatest wont be for long, and so is it worth the extra $$ to have the “top” thing for the few months. Not really.

  12. In a world of blogging, pinterest and instagram, you come across so many things that you WANT to buy. It’s hard. My parents got themselves out of credit card debt some years ago. Ever since then, my mom has made me terrified of credit card debt. LOL When I first got my own apartment, I had nothing and I was tempted to charge it! However, I slowly acquired things over time. It makes me appreciate my things more.

    And you’re so right about saving. I’ve been saving for an iPad for the longest, and I should be able to get one in March. But with all this extra time to think about it, I’m not even sure that I will buy it now. I mean, do I really NEED it? IDK. It took me so long to save that money and now I don’t want to let it go. Haha!

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