Hodge Podge + 12 Weeks

January 25, 2013·

I’m in Greenville, SC for work right now and I’m kind of in one of those modes where I’m just needing a brain dump. You know? So today’s post is a bit of a hodge podge with a 12 week pregnancy update thrown in there at the end.

1. I love our dogs. Like, I LOVE our dogs. I know, I know, everyone loves their dogs. But it’s almost absurd how much I love our dogs. I mean just look at them:

tater-belly puppy-snuggles

2. I’m so glad y’all LOVED our pregnancy announcement video. We LOVED making it, so hearing your feedback that you LOVED watching it makes my heart happy.

ootd2-kenye3. Meet Kenye!

Okay, you’ve probably already met Kenye because you read this blog and I’ve talked about her before, but she is awesome. And it can’t be said enough.

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Kenye is the happiest when she is spending quality time with her hubby and family. (Me too!!) And she hopes her blog inspires others to feel FREE and FUN in their personal style.

Kenye CLEARLY lives that out because this girl is ALWAYS looking so put together and oh so classy. Seriously! Check her out.

131-niki4. Meet Niki!

I know, you’ve met Niki before, too. But again, this girl is TOO awesome for words. I’ve LOVED becoming close bloggy buddies with Niki. I really hope we get to meet in real life one day because I just KNOW that we’d be instant friends.

For real.

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Niki is the happiest when she is cuddling with her dogs. (Can you SEE why I love this girl?! I mean, refer to point #1!) And she hopes her blog inspires people! I know she inspires me – so, I’d say mission accomplished, Niki! 🙂

5. 12 Week Pregnancy Update!

still being molly: 12 Week Maternity Style - mint jeans, denim jacket, patterned blouse, emerald scarf, red TOMS

No, this blog isn’t going to become SATURATED with pregnancy stuff, but I do love that I can use it as my pregnancy journal, if you will. Mmkay? Mmkay!

So, there.

Here’s my current pregnancy update:

  • How far along: 12 weeks
  • How big is baby: A key lime! 1.5 inches
  • Weight gain: Honestly, not sure. I have been bad about weighing myself. I should probably do that.
  • Sleeping: Okay. I honestly have a lot of weird cramping at night (normal according to doctor) and I have to get up like every few hours to go to the bathroom. So, not well, right now.
  • Food cravings: Salty, but especially CHEESE FRIES. I want cheese fries for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Food aversions: This hurts my heart to say, but Chick-fil-a. I LOVE CFilA, and suddenly the smell or thought of it makes me nauseous.
  • Symptoms: Nausea is finally starting to get a little better, still not great, but certainly WAY better than before. Headaches. Sciatica. A bit of dizziness. But most of all, I’m so tired. All the time. All I want to do is sleep. It’s awful.
  • Doctor’s appointment: Not for another two weeks.
  • Movement: None yet. I hear that sometimes you can feel “flutters” at this point, but I often wonder if it’s “flutters” or just gas. TMI? haha!
  • Gender / Names: We aren’t going to find out the gender and we’re keeping our names a secret until baby is born. We have a girl name, but we’re still debating on boy names.
  • Best moment of the week: Telling the world we’re expecting! It’s been SO hard to keep the secret, it feels SO good to be able to tell people.
  • What I’m looking forward to: My next ultrasound at 20 weeks. I know that’s like eight weeks from now, but I just can’t wait to see baby again.
  • What I did / Got for baby: Bought my first pairs of maternity jeans at a consignment store in town. AWESOME! There is some former pregnant lady who is my EXACT size so I snagged a pair of Gap and Old Navy maternity jeans for like $22 total! Woop!
  • What I learned this week: As terrified of labor as I am, I’m really thinking that I want to try and do this thing drug free (no epidural). I obviously have PLENTY of time to consider this and will probably change my mind as soon as I go into labor, but I’m trying to mentally prepare myself.
  • Prayer requests: Energy. I really need some energy. I’m trying everything I can, but I NEED some energy. My sleep is awful and I’m so tired all the time, it’s making the days very difficult. It’s hard to explain, but I just don’t feel like myself. Also continued prayer for the health and growth of the baby. I know this is cliche as can be, but I just want this baby to be strong and healthy when it’s born.

That’s all for now. What hodge podge of things are on YOUR mind this week?

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