1. I grew up in Greenville so I always get really excited when people go there :). I have sadly become very distant from my southern roots :). On another note, I hope you get some energy! I hope I get some energy too!

  2. Thank you so much for your sweet words Molly! I have loved getting to know you and I KNOW that we would be instant friends if we met in person! I love the photos of your dogs, the second one is so, so sweet! That’s crazy how something you love can make you sick when you’re pregnant, but I have heard that a lot! Your little baby is going to be the best!!!

  3. I LOVE my dog, like OBSESSED LOVE. I always say that I don’t know how I ever will be able to handle the love I will have for a child… because if I love my DOG this much, I can’t even begin to imagine how much LOVE I will have for a tiny human! haha

    I am so happy to see your glowy pregnant self, and that adorable bump!

  4. I think that we all need a brain dump. I constantly due that is for sure. I always like hearing what is on your mind so dump away. Does that sound right? Anyway. Thank you for sharing all of the above and hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  5. I kept wondering when I would start feeling flutters and to be honest I don’t think I ever really did. Around 20+ weeks I started feeling kicks which was amazing! But the flutters are harder to figure out. My FAVORITE preggo moment was putting a remote on my tummy and Matt kicked so hard the remote jumped off my stomach. Caught it on video and still love to watch it. Matt also had hiccups everyday in my tummy and that was the coolest feeling ever. Kind of like kicks but every few seconds. It is amazing how connected you feel with the baby during pregnancy by learning his or her active times of the day and things that get them moving! Enjoy every second, take lots of pictures, and blog/journal how you are feeling. Once he or she arrives you very quickly forget all those little pregnancy moments!

  6. I am so excited for you and your pregnancy journey! I am expecting in May and am doing an unmedicated birth. We are doing the Bradley Method which I totally recommend!!! It is the “husband-coached childbirth” method and I love connecting on a different level with my husband. Look into it if you are considering natural childbirth! Praying for you and your journey!!

  7. Molly! I was hoping for some pregnancy updates!! To be honest, I hope you have a boy 😉 then our kids can be bffs.

    Like the update form – reminds me of my updates! You’re beautiful and I can’t wait to see your body transform and grow a beautiful new person!

  8. I love your baby update! Let me say, I’m 17 weeks and haven’t felt a flutter, but I’m hoping to soon!
    We’re the same with names…not finding out the gender and settled on a girl’s name, but boys are another story!

  9. My hodge podge is too hodgy podgy to keep it straight. Ugh, I need this weekend and I need it to snow!

    Funny thing, I didn’t realize until after I was pregnant the first time that those “flutters” really do feel like gas.

  10. I think that being tired is the hardest part of pregnancy. I watched a show on Discovery while I was pregnant that was titled “Invasion of the Body Snatcher” and one of the things that stuck with me (and helped to explain the exhaustion) was that while you’re pregnant you are expending the same amount of energy daily that it takes to climb Mt. Everest. I don’t know if that’s 100% true, but it sure feels like it sometimes. One good thing is that it gets you in shape for the sleepless nights after the baby comes. Here’s hoping that your little one starts sleeping through the night early! One of mine did, the other didn’t.
    Labor was painful (had to be induced both times) but I made it through with no medication. I asked for some during the 2nd labor, but my husband and the nurse just kept putting me off until it was too late. The thing that makes that bearable is that you know it’s for a limited time and then you get the best reward in the whole world at the end. But there is no shame in choosing to use pain killers if it makes the experience better for you. What matters is that the baby comes, not HOW it comes.
    Good luck with your pregnancy, I’ll be sending prayers your way for rest!

  11. I totally love my dogs the same way. I mean, my husband even has conversations with them where he “talks” for them and responds to them. Silly, but we totally feel ya over here. Also, loving the prayer requests and definitely lifting you and StilltheBaby up up up. xoxo

  12. Whoops, I typed too fast there!

    You’re a pretty tough cookie so I’m sure that you could do a pain-killers free birth. If you’re able to find a good midwife of doctor they’ll be able to help you prepare for that, both mentally and physically and it will be a huge help! I went through both of my labors without pain killers(although they were fairly complication free births so I really can’t talk otherwise.) and there’s two points where the pain does get bad. Contractions are not fun but you can work through them but for the first birth when your hips start spreading to allow the baby through hurts quite a bit. (Although it’s SO much better the second time.) And the spot right before you push where the pain can get intense, it is bearable and once you start pushing you get so focused on pushing that you don’t even notice the pain. (Seriously, find somewhere where they have a birthing tub. I didn’t actually give birth in the tub but they are amazing for relaxing you and the baby and they’ll give you a natural reprieve from the pain.) You might want some aspirin AFTER the birth, I was terrible sore and stiff and my first one, my hips felt like I had advanced arthritis.

    Yikes, I hope I didn’t scare you at all! I guess I’m just trying to say that it does hurt, but you can totally do it. (So sorry, I feel like one of those ladies who has to give everyone their unsolicited advice. Sorry dear!)

    I will keep you in my prayers, make sure you find a really good doctor and midwife and they will help you so much through everything. I’m so excited for you! Congratulations again!

  13. Wait, wait, wait! I take a week off and I come back to find you pregnant?!
    First off, congratulations Molly! I am so very, very excited for you and your husband, you’re such wonderful people that I just know you’ll be the best, most caring parents and I am SO excited for this new journey of yours! Having little ones really does just change your entire life and how you view everything, its hard but it’s the most wonderful thing in the world. (Baby Cheeks! I love little babies so much, they have the cutest little cheeks and their little round feet and wrist rolls and ohh! I could just go on and on.) This is just the coolest thing and I’ll be praying for you sweetie, take care of yourself and congratulations! If I could I’d give you a hug right now!

  14. I’m so happy & excited for you Molly! Pregnancy is hard but it’s a beautiful thing! You’ll start getting some energy soon enough! Try to limit your fluid intake in the evening so your not up every hour having o pee! In the third trimester you’ll have some of the first trimester problems come back!

    I can tell you from having my son with pitocin and an epidural and then having my daughter with pitocin and no epidural that pitocin sucks!!!! Avoid it if possible! Also what sucks is having your water broken while on pitocin hurts like a mother!!! The epidural is nice cuz it numbs you from the waist down but the consequences later are horrible- I had the worse back pain a few months later that lasted a good 3-4 months and it caused me to have horrible back labor with my daughter!!!! I totally don’t mean to scare you, but this is all stuff I would’ve loved t hear when I was expecting, but all I heard was how great things were going to be!!! I’m here if you have any questions or want to vent!

    Congrats Molly!!! I can’t wait to read more about your pregnancy and later about life with the baby!!! 🙂

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