1. I love your Stacy London story! I hear her voice when I get dressed. These necklaces are so pretty. I like the blue one on the site too. Congrats on the pregnancy and thank you for the emotions post. I needed to hear that as had a very bad, horrible Monday. Will pray you can get good sleep.

  2. I love the crackled eggs! I haven’t seen that before. I’ve seen the blue and glass, but I love the somewhat realistic look of the crackled eggs. Cute!

  3. I just so happened to check out your site again on a give away day – go me. My friend introduced me to your site and I have really enjoyed reading so far!!

  4. Thank you for this giveaway. I’ve been seeing these necklaces everywhere and dying to have one! I am so excited I may get a chance to own one! You are awesome!

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